first indoor grow

starting 2023

started jan 1 2023 with no good lighting or environment now is in a grow tent with everything it needs 

molten lava

Day 100 (Week 15)


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Day: 100

watered 500ml

a year ago

Day: 90

watered 400 ml cut some branches and leafs off

a year ago


Tallboy2023 Is this plant really 90 days into veg?

Day: 80

it’s been in the 60s for the past week so the soil just now dried up i watered abt 400 ml each and i topped about a week ago lots of growth

a year ago

Day: 68

temperature has dropped down to the 60s since ive moved them into the garage but they don’t seem to mind it also watered 500 ml and topped yesterday

a year ago

Day: 61

watered another 250ml and just learned i will probably have to move these outside till i move so i may start harding them out to be outside

a year ago

Day: 53

watered 250ml again everyone’s growing at a steady pase

a year ago

Day: 46

just watered 250 ml noticed a lot of growth after i let her dry out not to much stress after topping

a year ago

Day: 37

just topped i know it’s a little early but probably won’t do to much damage

a year ago


Cuben_Si00 mine are about that size 25 days in. debating when to top. would like to follow this grow as comparison to mine. curiosity

nicksnodupe You probably just stunted growth, on average my plants look like this in the 7-12 day mark. What’s your light, and feed look like?


Cuben_Si00 my light i think is an issue it’s Aidyu 1000W LED Grow Light, and both started off with organic potting soil with 0 anything …. transplanted one seedling into straight ocean forest fox farms , and another seedling transplanted into same mix - topped off and mixed with the organic soil because dan outta dirt for two, 3 gal bags they stunted but seem to be making a steady pace comeback

Day: 33

watered 400ml still looks good not going as fast as the others tho

a year ago


GrNadeGrade What’s on top of your soil? Rock moss?

Day: 31

watered 500 ml yesterday around 40-50% humidy looking very good i noticed some growth over night ,also anybody know why my fan leaves still so small🤣

a year ago