Humboltd Magic Melon (Auto)

Winter 2022

3 gallon fabric pots, pro mix herb and vegetable, sensi grow a&b and bloom a&b

Auto Magic Melon

Day 6 (Week 1)

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Day: 6

Looking nice and green so far so good

2 years ago


Happydazzee420 I hope that mutation of the leaves fixes itself when it’s bigger

Day: 1

Trying not to let them stretch too much keeping the light about 16 inches at 60%

2 years ago


Happydazzee420 Gonna do a tent clean up at some point today gonna take everything out and clean the floors and walls then put it all back in


HammertimeAZ Never hurts to do a little pre-spring cleaning. The ladies will luv ya for it.

Day: 0

Time to be potted!

2 years ago