Captains Cake clone

Winter 2020/21

Planted two clones from previous grow in coco noir and kept in a tub with 18hrs light and 99% humidity

Captains cake

Day 129 (Week 19)

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Day: 129

Harvest time

2 years ago

Day: 123

Decided to let them go longer to develop a little more Amber on the Trichomes. Last batch was just turning Amber when I cut and was really strong in THC but no CBD.

2 years ago

Day: 117

1 more week 😜

2 years ago

Day: 111

Trichomes are getting milky will flush today. Should be ready to harvest in a week or more

2 years ago

📀Golden Ratio 📀

📀Golden Ratio 📀 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Day: 104

Over 4 weeks into flowering, pistils are turning brown and buds are looking good

2 years ago


TheChef420 Those mugs are looking nice and thick how long is the flowering time on those ?


gumby2000 About 7-8 weeks I cut the last batch just under eight weeks. 

Day: 91

Over Two weeks into flowering. The extended LST looks like it’s paying off with a lot more colas.

2 years ago

Day: 80

1 week into bloom

2 years ago

Day: 72

Switched to flowering today, 75-D 49- H 12/12 light, plants are doing really well and the Diatomaceous cleared out the fungus gnats in days. Good stuff!!

2 years ago

Day: 64

Filling out well

2 years ago


Sk3rt Beautiful!! Come check mine out and let me know what you think. I’m new to this. Need all tips and tricks I can get!


latalbo If you are having a really bad fungal gnat infestation, I would highly recommend getting some diatomaceous earth (DE). It doesn’t work great when wet, so wait until the day after watering and sift a solid layer over the soil. After about 2 or 3 applications the problem should be pretty negligible.


gumby2000 Thanks I’ve had continual fungus gnat issues. I’ve tried about everything too

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Day: 54

Growing great now, LST had them sprouting plenty of colas

2 years ago

Day: 28

After a slow start the clones are now transplanted, in the big tent with some LST.

2 years ago

infinityGrowerr Hey there, plant looks fine for this stage👍 If you are up for an advice just say because I do not know your knowledge level.

Day: 12

Doing good now, will transfer to the tent once the other plants are dry.

2 years ago