Critical Kush & Zombie Kush

Mother plants taking cuttings

Critical kush and zombie kush grow


Day 104 (Week 15)

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Day: 104

Critical kush turned out really good think I have a small allergy to anything with critical in it this and critical purple stuffs me all up gotta where mask when trimming this shit ! The high is euphoric and mellow !

4 years ago

Day: 103

Zombie kush gots some foxtails real bad thinking should move plants farther from light or even turn it down last 2 weeks cause I was told they don’t need much light last few weeks and that that could be what’s causing it the critical kush turned out pretty good! Got about 2 1/2 -3 oz. outa it still drying zombie 🧟‍♂️

4 years ago

Day: 75

Critical looks little better gonna feed them half dose feeding this week 3 tsp b.b 2.5ml bud candy + cal mag 5ml t.b.

4 years ago

Day: 72

Critical looks like got little over fed and mag. Def. or ph problem

4 years ago

Day: 66

day 28 of 12/12 so 4 weeks flower now. vertical stretching has slowed down dramatically gonna start dialing back on grow big all p-k bud candy next 2 weeks and then gonna probably flush gonna see where we at then though also through 2 small delicious candy 🍭 clones I need a variety and there’s little room left in flower room gonna flush next watering

4 years ago

Day: 56

Feeding week 7 ff trio with 1/2 flower fuel and 5ml bud candy and cal mag feed and ppm is really high gonna start cal- mag and rain water together in between feedings sense cal-mag absorbs at a higher ph anyway

4 years ago

Day: 52

Critical kush fed next plain rain water

4 years ago

Day: 44

Watered Critical kush doing plain rain water in between feedings so next will be week 6 feeding + flower fuel & bud candy. I also started giving each plant there own separate milk jug to feed out of and write everything on it so it’s not as confusing and it’s a lot easier trying remember or look through journals

4 years ago

Day: 41

Feeding fox farm trio feeding schedule exactly until I see any problems not started anything else

4 years ago

Day: 38

Just took bunch clones then threw them under 12/12

4 years ago

Day: 29

Took some cuttings yesterday put them strait in happy frog soil some with “take root” some not and there under dome with cfl bulb above it.

5 years ago

Day: 25


Lower leaves started looking like nitrogen deficiency I was a week behind on fox farm schedule gave it week 2 yesterday. Grew a lot after they was fed! I thought sense ppms was high I wouldn’t need to feed it as much but apparently not! I feel closer I stay to the actual schedule the better! but then some strains are highly sensitive well others need more than the actual schedule so I’m slowly learning! Need to stick to strains I know well trying few others here and there!

5 years ago

Day: 22

Lst these are going to be kept as mother plants and being used for cuttings for anyone that is following this so you know these plants will not be going into flower anytime soon.

5 years ago

Day: 12

Transplanted these today to 1 gal. Pots f.f. Happy Frog soil. Rain water

5 years ago

Day: 10

Critical looks little deformed from switching from m.h. to led probably shouldn’t have done that! other than that got under dome sometimes humidity around 60-80 18/6

5 years ago

MrAtomix Drop me a mail, will send instructions on how to make a cheap C02 generator. duane at atomixit dot co dot za

Day: 6

Had some light leak issues this isn’t off to good start

5 years ago

Day: 0

Critical kush

5 years ago