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Grow 2

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Purple Punch OG

Day 56 (Week 8)

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Day: 56

Yeah this is gonna be a problem. Added 5ml each nute 1ml calmag and 4ml hydro. It drank half the reservoir overnight.

2 years ago

growinggreen Lol “it’s gonna be a problem”

Day: 52

Res change. 5hydroguard 4calmag 16ea. Bud sites are throwing pistils so stretch should be done

2 years ago


sewerg36 You gonna deleaf?


IGrowHowIGrow Definitely still has some stretching left to do.

msad32 My next update confirms what you said. It is not done stretching. Problem is I’m fully out of room, so I’m gonna try and super crap the branches at a lower point to see if I can’t bring the canopy down

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Day: 49

Still stretching. Unreal

2 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Nice canopy 👍🏾

Day: 48

Raised light. Stupid thing is STILL stretching. Ppm about 600

2 years ago

Day: 47

Sheesh. Ppm in the 700’s

2 years ago

Day: 44

Res change, 5hydro 4cm 16ea. Supercropped 2 branches that were out of control and did a little more defoliation. The last of the defoliation.

2 years ago

msad32 Ppm 910

Day: 38

Geeze. 440 ppm

2 years ago

Day: 35

Res change. 4 ml hydro 4ml calmag 16ml ea. Rn the res smells fine and no visible signs of mold. Roots a little nutestained. Ppm 880

2 years ago

Day: 32

Day 3 of flower. Stretch underway.

2 years ago

Day: 27

Res change. 4hg, 4calmag, 16ea

2 years ago

msad32 Ppm 790

msad32 2nd pic after additional lst

Day: 20

res change. 4ml calmag 10ml each. 4ml hydroguard. Roots still pearly for now

2 years ago

Day: 18

Added 2ml calmag. 4ml total. 4ml of each as well

2 years ago