Front yard grow

Fall 2021

Had an extra last time around. Planted it in my front yard with the other flowers just to see what would happen.

Mai tai

Day 134 (Week 20)

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Day: 134

Cut yesterday since the stems were falling over onto the mulch. Looks decent for only giving it 3 buckets of food.

3 years ago

DracoBEBO Oh my I’m dying. You said you had neighbors, but I was thinking like a down the road. Is that a cul de sac? Right in the front yard, that’s boss.


growin4thepham Hahahahaha I love it.


combatmedic81 Yes, neighbors everywhere. Next year I’m giving more bloom nutes and staking it up when it stars to fall

Day: 132

Buds getting dense. Really not sure when to chop as I have never grown outside. Don’t want the morning dew to ruin anything.

3 years ago


alwaysgrowfuego You got some really nice genetics. Where do you get these strains from?


combatmedic81 Started with Mai tai from a friend more than 3 years ago, been cloning ever since.


bigsammy What she smell like?

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Day: 130

Getting thick, best part is I’ve only given it two buckets of feed. The rest has been rain and sprinkler water

3 years ago

Day: 121


3 years ago


Caliban Nice! Stacked girls! American ideal.

Day: 119

Doing well for really not doing shit to it

3 years ago

Day: 116

Getting big

3 years ago

DracoBEBO No matter what our differences are, we’d be good neighbors! Haha enjoy this and the shoe grow another member has

Day: 112

Doing well

3 years ago


Prodigy The Front yard??? I would be too worried about someone taking them


combatmedic81 It was an extra. I really could care less. Just did it to see what would happen


combatmedic81 That’s one plant

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Day: 110

She is stacked with buds

3 years ago


pjizzle Fuck yeah I got a front yard grow too


Rambino Nice work! They look great!!🤘🤘🤘

Day: 101

This plant is doing amazingly well for me not doing shit to it

3 years ago

DracoBEBO Awesome, some times it does that. Do you plan on feeding the soil in bloom? Also, in your front yard? No neighbors, huh? Lol.


combatmedic81 Mixing a bucket of bloom nutes now. I have lots of neighbors, I live in a subdivision. Figured I’d give it a shot

DracoBEBO Lmao that’s ballsy and funny. Good luck, hopefully no one takes em right before harvest.

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Day: 100

Starting to flower in Michigan. Had an extra last time around, put it in with the front yard w/ the flowers. Also, really not giving any nutes(I’ve mixed one bucket since it’s been in the ground the last 2 months), just sprinkler and rain water

3 years ago