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Day 50 (Week 8)


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Day: 50


Shes getting pretty! I’ll do some more strategic topping and pruning soon but, for now I’ll let her be and keep giving plenty light and water

3 months ago


BigCatDad Watch out with that wire it can cut the branches.

rjbuds It’s not wire, it’s soft plant tie

Day: 42

Just a difference in a day, almost to the point where I can start drilling holes on the side and tie her down. Goal is to get her to start wrapping around the perimeter of the pot.

3 months ago


phriedphoenix You should super crop / Lts her. Crop in the middle of largest section and secure her

rjbuds Elaborate a little more, I’m a novice learning as much as I can. So I just started LST with her a few days ago, everyday I go and gently mess with her I’m getting ready to drill holes around and start securing her down. I bought the soft plant tie.

Day: 41


Did some topping, and starting some LST, also trying to clone from the cuts from the low stress training.

4 months ago

Day: 36

Well it’s been a while since I’ve reported in, she has obviously needed some extra direct sunlight so I got her a cool little light. She has been doing really well considering all things. Just watered and her roots are just peaking out the bottom repot soon and start another plant.

4 months ago

rjnotez Going to take off the last 2 bottom branches when I repot tomorrow, and start some LST

Day: 16

Wanted to give a few days before I reported back here with updates on Virginia, she looks happy healthy and very green. Been 5 days since the last time I reported. Getting the meds for her roots when it’s time for transport

4 months ago


ALFA I think it need more lights

rjnotez This was an Early morning pic, she gets a lot of sun light in this area directly. Any particular reason that was brought up tho? I’d like to know

rjnotez And it’s an outdoor grow so she only gets light when the sun is out, I haven’t gotten any specific or extra lights until I’m ready to start trying indoor grow with the whole kit.

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Day: 11


5 months ago

rjnotez Think I’ll check back in, in a couple days with pictures

Day: 10

She is beautiful lol

5 months ago

rjnotez Nighttime photo

Day: 9

Virginia got water yesterday and getting plenty of sun today. I love see the change everyday it’s crazy!

5 months ago

Day: 8

She is looking pretty is the sun today getting some water soon

5 months ago


Drizz Looking happy, nice grow😃

rjnotez Thanks, I’m trying and it’s surrounded by other plans so it’s not lonely

Day: 7

Doesn’t seem to need water yet so I’m going to wait and see how the soil looks and feels after some sunlight today.

5 months ago

rjnotez What does it mean when the tip of the leaves get discolored a little bit? Is there anything I can do to help with that?


adders Hard to tell seeing as it’s just the one tip, give it a little more time and observe if it gets worse or not. If it doesn’t don’t worry too much just keep an eye on it and mentally log anything that you do that may make a change this helps a lot I found 😅

rjnotez Thank you! I freaking love this app everybody just helping each other lol I love the 420 community

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Day: 6

Haven’t taken pictures in a day or two looking good. Nighttime photo… getting water tomorrow if necessary

5 months ago

Day: 3

Got plenty of natural sunlight today and grew a bit taller since yesterday! I definitely need to repot

5 months ago


Coux I don’t think that you should be thinking about reporting soon

rjnotez No? When would be a good time? I’m a novice and a sponge for knowledge so whatever I can learn please feel free to share


Coux It hasn’t outgrown that pot and may take a few weeks until it does. You don’t want to move it out of that pot until it starts becoming rootbound

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Day: 2

Just watered and getting some natural sunlight, probably repotting soon

5 months ago

Day: 1

Obviously not true day 1 but, this was gifted to me so I’m going from that date.

5 months ago