Crème De La Chem

Late Summer 2022

Two CDLC in 5 Gallon Cloth. Mars Hydro 300w. 3x3 Tent. FFOF and Happy Frog. Fish Shit and Green Senation

Crème De La Chem - Mephisto

Day 88 (Week 13)


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Day: 88


Cut and trim, final weight 10.6 oz between both plants!

8 months ago


HeritageSecretGarden Nice, congrats 🎉

Day: 84

Chopping Day

8 months ago


Tutanpotem Well done


bigsammy This is gas


ExoticBudz 👍👍👍🪴 the one on the left looks so good ,❤️

Day: 79

Final Days!

8 months ago


sir_terpes024 Oooo weeee!!! These are beautiful!


Secman 😍pretty


HeritageSecretGarden Looking good 👍 nice fade going

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Day: 69

Smells great! Fade is happening and thinking they are closing in on their final weeks.

8 months ago


bigsammy Nug porn 🔥🔥🔥

GaRaGe BuD

GaRaGe BuD Straight ⛽️!!!

dirtboy28 Where you grab the seeds from?

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Day: 64

Big feeding day, feeling 2-3 weeks yet to go

8 months ago

Day: 53

Buds are getting fatter, and look so good.

9 months ago

Day: 49

They are growing up fast :) had some Ph issues which have been resolved and shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

9 months ago

Day: 4

Added about 100ml again mostly around the outer to encourage roots to seek water

10 months ago

Day: 2

More water around the outer edge to encourage root growth

10 months ago

Day: 1

Looking good!

a year ago

Day: 0

They have popped!

a year ago