Northern lights auto seedsmen

July 2019

3 seeds growing outdoors autoflower from seeedsmen free seeds

Northern lights

Day 70 (Week 10)

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Day: 70

Bugs getting out of control time to harvest early. Clear tricomes

4 years ago

Day: 59

1/4 nuts outdoor

4 years ago

Day: 49

1/4 nuts

4 years ago

Day: 42

1/4 nuts of bloom. Flowering

4 years ago

Day: 39

Flowering at day 30 feeding flower nuts 1/4 amount

4 years ago

Day: 27

First feed 1/4 nuts

4 years ago

Day: 19

Water and nuts 1/4 strength today

4 years ago

Day: 18

Water tomorrow

4 years ago

Day: 17

Water with 1/4 nuts

4 years ago

Day: 12


4 years ago

Day: 8


4 years ago

Day: 4

1 of 3 so far popping out. Hope the other two show soon or they will be done.

4 years ago

Day: 2

All 3 seeds germinated and put into 5gal smart pots with mix of happy frog and ocean forest and placed outside. Images to come once they peak out from the dirt.

4 years ago

LiNoon Any seeds for sale?

Jasonbird18 No but you can get them online.

Day: 0

3 seeds placed in cup of water

4 years ago

Zayzilla For how long and did they pop in the water or did u move them to paper towels to pop?

Jasonbird18 Water cup for about a day until they sink, the. Paper towel until tap root is 1/4-1/2” out then into dirt.