Grow Mek, Grow!

Grow Mek, Grow!

First Grow ( White Cookies)

Summer 2021

One plant - 500 watt led

White Cookies

Day 60 (Week 9)

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Day: 60

She has not been doing good for about two weeks now. Stripped about 25% of the oldest growth. She was in a 2 gallon for about a month and a half. Transplanted her into a 5 gallon a week ago and her leaves are curled under. I know I took wayyy to long to transplant.I thought maybe it was from overwatering but she still like this after not being watered for 5 days. I’m hoping that she recovers. Speaking positivity over her 💕 gave her nutes with cal mag yesterday.

a year ago


biggiebud I think she takes a nitrogen a lot


Secman Maybe a cal mag def…??


biggiebud I mean too much nitrogen. Sorry im don’t good in English

Day: 43

Anyone know if this is a male or female? From what I’ve researched I think it’s a female, but I don’t wanna be wrong. This will be my first time sexing.

a year ago

Peng Think it’s still too early from that pic

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet & Sour Chicken I think it’s female right from under you topped it but just like peng said it too early to tell

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot I believe it’s female as well. Judging by the tips of those points, it looks as if a tiny pistol is shooting out from the top of the point. Even it is female now it’s early enough where it could revert to male. So time will definitely tell, as stated above

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Day: 41

She’s still growing however, still showing signs of deficiency. She got her first feeling of big bloom and grow big from the fox farm trio. Hopefully she will get better from here on out. Also gave her some cal mag about 3 days ago. Took about 3 of the dying leaves off from the bottom.

a year ago

Day: 32

Anyone know what the yellow spots indicate? She’s been in this soil for 30 days now, so maybe lack of nutes? It’s starting to show on the tips. Suggestions are wanted! Topped this plant in this update

a year ago


Mekka Thank you for your comment! And right now I haven’t given her any nutes or cal mag. She’s been taking nutes from the soil. How soon should I start her on cal mag? Right now she’s 32 days

Day: 28

She’s made a nice turn around. Her leaves are now turning darker in color. Only changes I made were feeding the correct ph water and a better light. Makes a huge difference! I think it will be time to LST soon so rn just reading up on that. Still not feeding any nutes yet.

a year ago

Day: 21

Doing beautiful under her new light, recovering nicely. Hopefully things stay that way.

a year ago

Day: 12

After switching to Fox Farm Ocean Forrest my baby started declining fast 😩 it was too hot for her and now I believe it’s nutrient burn but not sure. Then the lamp fell and the burnt tips just snapped off. 🤦🏽‍♀️ hopefully she make a quick turnaround.

a year ago


kactai If you get your nutrient issues under control, it should recover from that damage easily!

Day: 10

Using FF Ocean Forrest no extra ferts have been given to her yet. Anyone know if the shade of my plant 🌱 leaves are a normal green or is this slight yellow an indicator of a deficiency or light burn? Light is about 12”away from plant, it is a regular 120W LED bulb from Walmart. Suggestions are appreciated 🤍

a year ago

Day: 9

Learned that the Miracle Grow soil I was using is crap, so yesterday I switched her into FF Ocean Forrest and she still seems to be doing wonderfully despite the transition 🤍

a year ago

Day: 7

On day 7 and I’m wondering if my leaves look healthy? Only been watered one time on day 2. Soil is damp but not dry, so not ready to be watered yet. I would appreciate any feedback 🤍

a year ago

DracoBEBO First grow? They look good to me. A little (just little) Bright to me but the first leaves are too, so either strand or the lighting. I’m surprised the soil is still moist if you haven’t watered it again. Plant looks great, so not over watered. Do what you are doing and let her soak more up.


Caliban Looking good.


Tashmekka Thanks guys! Yes I agree looks a tad bit too light. Could this be from the light being too close or lack of nutes? Or should I wait a few more days?

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Day: 5

Now on day 5 and she is still progressing wonderfully 🌱 I can kinda see the second set of true leaves starting to form right in the center 😬 currently sitting at 2” tall

a year ago

Day: 2

Here’s day 2 after dropping germinated seed in soil! Very excited to see this baby flourish 😊 had a second seedling 🌱 that ended up stunted 🥺

a year ago