Spring Family 24

Spring 24

Under two 1k watt full spectrum leds Bruce Banger(dud), White Widow, Sour Diesel(dud), Bag seed1(moved outside), Bag seed2(trashcan) ….Funky Fruit(outdoor prep), Northern Lights(auto prep for outdoor )


Day 41 (Week 6)


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Day: 41

Hot day in the 90s. Gave WW about a liter of ph water. Trash got half that. Need to LST soon.

2 days ago

Day: 38

Week 3 of Lotus schedule. Main got one liter-ish and trash got lil less. Next week I’ll need to do some LST.

5 days ago

Day: 35


Doing great, both got about a liter of reg ph water last night. Forgot to post but here’s the photos

8 days ago

Day: 33


Checking in. Topping recovering well. Afraid the trash can will be male, it’s pretty strong early on. We’ll see.

10 days ago

Day: 31

Watering with nutrients and a reorg of setup. White widow got a liter WEEK 2 of Lotus schedule. Trash got almost the same. Put my tomato cages up and cleaned out the grow pan.

12 days ago

Day: 30


Did some topping yesterday. Recovering nicely today.

13 days ago

Day: 28


Water day. Just regular ph stuff. 1 Liter for WW and about half that for trash. Almost topping time.

15 days ago

Day: 27

Quick check in. Lil light burn so I raised led a bit. Close to topping them.

16 days ago

Day: 25

Moving along. Nutrient Watering day. White widow in the 5gal got about a liter of Lotus Grow (.75). Trash got about half that. Others have been transplanted outside and we’ll see. Moving sour diesel to another post.

18 days ago

Day: 22

I just doin crazy stuff apparently. Pulled the 5g bag seed plant and replaced with better sprout. We’ll see. Other got their first micro dose of Lotus Grow(.5 tsp of grow)

21 days ago

Day: 19


It’s been slowing moving. Rough temperatures and some dud plants. I trust the White Widow fem in the Left 5g pot. Solos have the Northern Lights and Funky Fruit. Those are being planted outdoor this week.

24 days ago

Day: 0


It begins…

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