First grow, AGG#4

Summer 2020

Four Auto gorilla glue #4, 1 lemon haze, 1 mystery female photoperiod

Auto Gorilla Glue #4

Day 99 (Week 15)

12 updates

77 photos

Day: 99

Harvested 9/20

2 years ago

Day: 87

Some of the massive ones bulking up. Not time for a flush yet. Another week or 2

2 years ago

jayu Saw you comment on my post. — looking good brother. (I’ma veteran too) Just wait until those beauty’s changed color. Mine are turning purple now. This can happen around day 90+

jayu After looking at the pictures harder! It does look like they are changing to purple haha!


GeneralBulbous Beautiful. Just logged in and the first grow I see is from someone in the military 😂 I can see I’m in good company

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Day: 81


I can’t believe the aroma that’s coming from the tent, up close these things smell so fruity and delicious 😋 I can’t WAIT! 3 more months until I can try it 🤙🏻👍🏻

2 years ago

Day: 73


Since I found out my mystery plant is a photo period I have been on a 12/12 since week 4 or 5. In this grow I have 4 auto flowering Gorilla Glue plants, 1 Lemon Haze and 1 Mystery beautiful purple plant. We are on day 73 and here is a close up. Still good from feeding yesterday will show meter used that tells me when to water. I use nutrients every time because coco does not retain nutrients like soil does and I’m 70/30 coco perlite. 5 gal of water almost every 2 days increased bloom yesterday and here is day one results 🙏🏼🤙🏻

2 years ago

RhinoUSMC Only use the “THREE-WAY METER” for the “MOIST” setting. Use other accurate PH & PPM meters when mixing nutrients and know your amounts to put in for what medium you’re growing in.

Day: 72


The plant is currently in flowering stage and looking more beautiful by the stage. I doubled my Bloom supplement and am 30ml of Micro (N), 30ml Bloom (P), 15ml Gro (K), 30ml CalMAG, 30ml Rhizotonic in 5 Gal of water PH’d at 6.2 between 6 plants 🌱

2 years ago

Day: 71

Smells amazing. Buds are forming and bulking up by the day. Will increase bloom for multiple more feeds and flush on week 12 possibly

2 years ago

Day: 67


This jungle keeps looking more beautiful by the day. 1224PPM 5.98 PH

2 years ago

Day: 65


Noticed leaf curl on top of one of the plants. Possibly wind damage or too much nitrogen. I’ll be honest here I’ve been feeding them TOO MUCH 😬 will lower amount for feeding tomorrow.

2 years ago

RhinoUSMC The little green guy is a main I found HIDING under fan leaf 😱

Day: 64


Getting MASSIVE. On a 12/12 for a few weeks now.

2 years ago

Day: 62


Getting fluffy and beautiful will update tomorrow.

3 years ago

Wormco They look nice dude! My first grow also.

RhinoUSMC Awesome! Yours are looking good also

NotEddie Looks great. Semper Fi.

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Day: 61


Just watered today. 5 gallons between six plants. PPM 1273 PH 5.67 amazing for my first time 🤔 started with 8 and now we have 6 flowering plants 4 AGG#4; Lemon Haze; Mystery Photoperiod 🤙🏻

3 years ago

Day: 60

The plant is currently 4.5 feet tall and multiple main colas in sight. Planted in coco 70/30

3 years ago

Dazz Is it potted in soil??? Looking good for a first timer 🤯

RhinoUSMC Planted in Coco 70/30 Mother Earth