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Dunno what’s wrong

Transplanted at around 1-2 weeks. Think it was nute burn so I flushed soil and kept runoff. Been giving her the runoff nutes and water for a week or so and she looks like she’s bouncing back. Anything else you can provide will be appreciated!


Day 19 (Week 3)

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Day: 19

Giving her nutes and water now

3 years ago

Day: 19

This is day 1 of defcon 4

3 years ago


locker105 OH NO!!! Man that plant needs medical attention get it to a hospital

phenofanatic Yeah I moved on. I’m just pissed I couldn’t mail down the specific issue. It was nute burn pretty sure. Former partner had me transplant her straight into dirt that had same nutes as a full-grown plant would use. Bad idea but I didn’t know at the time.


locker105 Yeah that’ll definitely do it. I bet it was a combination of nutrient toxicities. When a plant has an overdose of a nutrient, it causes the flow of water through the plant to get all messed up, and that, in turn, caused leaves to turn yellow and die on this plant.

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