No Scrog, Salt Nutes with extreme schwazzing

Early-Mid July 2022 harvest

2 blue Dream and 2 Dream berries plants harvesting early to mid July 2022. FFOF with FF trio salt nutes. I veg for 10-12 weeks, grow strong branches so no scrogging. I use extreme schwazzing with no low or mid buds. All tops. I use full strength nutes through 8 weeks into flowering and taper down until harvest. I run 5 115 watt led lights in a 3x5 (575 true watts)

Dream Berries and Blue Dream

Day 116 (Week 17)

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Day: 116

Flush and 1/2 strength fed the plants tonight. Week 9 starts in 3 days.. Wednesday, June 15th. Planning to flush out the nutrients in the soil a few days into week 9. These girls got over 2 weeks. 🥳

2 years ago


RodneyRN Looks so dank 🔥🌱💨

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⛽️


Caliban Looking good!

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Day: 97

On week 6. Full strength nutes for the next 2 weeks during the stacking phase

2 years ago


ObsidianRose I wish I could figure out how to force branching like this

Day: 80

Whole plant hang went a little sooner than later, 10 days. It’s all jarred up… planning to cure for a short bit, but I’m definitely smoking it as it cures. 🥳 Now on to the new grow…. Purple Gorilla Glue. Did the paper towel method and just got those tap roots into solo cups. Ocean Forest for the seedling stage. Will make another grow log.

2 years ago


HeritageSecretGarden Nice 👍 I do the paper towel method too

Day: 71

Last picture before chopping tomorrow. This was my third grow with this cut. I found out over the previous grows of this cut on how hard I could push it. I ran her hard the whole way and let her down easy. Chop day is on day 72 of flower. 🥳

2 years ago


GreatScottBuds Looks amazing


gpurps Nice job 👍 👊

Day: 71

1 day before chopping at day 72 flower🥳

2 years ago


HeritageSecretGarden Nice job bro looking fat dense 🥶 looks like a decent haul 😎

Scano13 Nice bro looking good, what lights you using?


Secman Looking good🤙

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Day: 65


Day 65 and they are ready! Put them back on 18/6 to finish them off. Planning to chop in 2-4 days!

2 years ago


himpp Looks great … share yo speed growth 😂

RichMcflyy Looking good growmie 🤟🏾🪴 What does changing the light bk to 18/6 do this late in flower 🧐

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Day: 46

Will be on week 8 in a couple days. They stacked hard like a mofo when they hit week 7.

2 years ago

Day: 3

Day 3 of drying. Got the lung room dehumidifying at 55 percent. AC infinity fan is set to 1 continuously and set to ramp up to 4 if humidity reaches 58 inside closet. Humidity is around 56 in the closet. Trying to let this go for as long as possible (14-16 days) last run was in February and ended up drying in 7 days. It was fairly good, but want to stretch it longer this time. Drying during summer in a basement closet is much easier to control IMO…. But again, I didn’t have a great humidistat controlled humidifier… I don’t even need one in summer. Just the dehu’s. Cheers and happy 4th people!

2 years ago


HeritageSecretGarden Looks good and I would agree the longer the better for sure happy 4th 😎


Milldozer I’m very green when it comes to this.. How do you determine when they are dry enough to start cure? I will run into this predicament in the next few weeks😅


Milldozer Also, is a longer dry time better?

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Day: 0

Starting this run with 7 photoperiod, feminized Purple Gorilla Punch from Captain Red Beard seeds. 🥳

2 years ago