Critical+ 2.0 Auto

Double grow

2 autos in 5 gallon pots

Critical+ 2.0

Day 37 (Week 6)


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Day: 37

little dudes

a year ago

ap23 Are these seedsman critical +


MossyTops @ap23 yes

ap23 Nice I just got some of those recently I’m gonna plant soon. Are you using advanced nutrients micro grow bloom

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Day: 25

watered each w 200ml of 6.5ph water, prob gonna scratch these when my 1st grow finishes so i’ll be able to start 4 plants at once

a year ago

Day: 22

already flowering :/ watered w about 200ml

a year ago

Day: 18

watered another 100ml 6.3ph trying to keep temps down

a year ago

Day: 17

gave about 100ml 6.5ph water each. doing great considering the stress they’ve been through. my temps are like a rollercoaster :/

a year ago

Day: 14


end of week 2 for these little ones. stressed tf out of them w heat n nutes but i think they’ll make it. kinda want to scrap the stunted one as i feel like it wouldn’t be worth the time, any input helps, thanks

2 years ago

Day: 11

problems w heat have kept these little guys from doing good, been trying to keep it cooler for them. watered w 50ml of 2ml/L MGB.

2 years ago


GoldenTiger I’m considering a space cooler for my tent


MossyTops your grows look great to me! was hoping i was done spending money for a little , but it’d be worth it in the end to avoid everything that comes w temp problems.


zenmaster Good tip for lowering heat levels is by increasing humidity levels, so maybe cheaper than a cooler, try looking into some cost efficient humidifiers

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Day: 5

letting the soil dry a little, i think i overwatered. #1 trying to keep up.

2 years ago


GreatScottBuds Def doesn’t look wet. I would recommend slow feeding using a mist spray when they are young like this.


MossyTops on the inside it was :/ wondering if i got too dense of a soil mix or just overwatered it. i’ll get a spray bottle. thankyou for the suggestion!


GreatScottBuds I let mine dry out quite a bit as well hoping the roots stretch looking for more water

Day: 4

#1 looks like it has no new growth, watered w 50ml each of water w 1ml/L grow micro bloom

2 years ago

Day: 2

watered each w 30ml of 6.5 water

2 years ago

Day: 1

ain’t a lot of dirt

2 years ago