O.G Kush

Day 170 (Week 25)

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Day: 170

Building up

5 years ago

Day: 135

Here’s an update on my OG kush. Sorry it’s been so long, found out I have a serious medical condition and It took priority. Even if I can’t smoke it anymore I’m going to keep growing it💯 also I finally got a grow tent🤘🏼

5 years ago

Day: 104

Day five of flower, her color looks awesome and she’s stretching good.

5 years ago

Day: 97


Growing fantastic😁

5 years ago

Day: 87

Growin good, started bending branches softly everyday to build up the stems.

5 years ago

Day: 81


Transplanted with Special-A and took three clones. Growing great💯

5 years ago

Day: 76

Shes been tricky. Had nitrogen deficiency so I flushed and added heavier nutes a couple days later but the roots got hot so now I’m thinking about mending something in my soil like castings so I can just use water and not have to feed her to much.

5 years ago

Day: 62

Bushing our a bit more. All of the plants a females so yay💯🤙🏼

5 years ago

Day: 54

Defoliated to start training soon

5 years ago

Day: 49

Definitely got bigger, Giving all the small plants extra bacteria for the roots

5 years ago

Day: 37

She’s y’all

5 years ago


Greenhouseguy95 Hey man. Keep her in that pot another couple weeks or so. Really make sure you got a strong root system before you move her into a bigger home. Take a peak at my grow. My plants are nearly the size of yours at day 13. I have posted pictures of the roots growing aswell for reference

Thunderturd253 Thank you! I will try that out. My other seedlings are a lil bigger and already transplanted. So it would be good for a side by side.


Greenhouseguy95 You’ll realize that the one you have in the smaller pot will be more lush and bushier. Your others in the larger pots will likely be taller, because of the deeper root space. But you will have better established root system vs one that’s going to take a week or two to catch up to the same rate of growth. Always beneficial starting in smaller pots and working your way up gradually, it’s nothing to the plants if done properly. They appreciate it more then anything. A lot of my friends did the same thing,going right to the big pot to “avoid stress” of transplanting. Imagine a pair of ants, In a 10 gallon aquarium. They have to somehow, on they’re own establish a farm with that space while breeding(roots growing) lol. Crazy right? So it’s either. A) put a shit ton more ants in there and help them(which we can not do in our case unfortunately). Or b) put them in a smaller aquarium. They’ll be able to establish themselves easier and reproduce(your soil). Opposed to trying to dig they’re way down on they’re own in this massive space .. I like the way I put that lol ^

Day: 34

Cat ate some leaves🙄 my fault for leaving it out tho🤷🏽‍♂️

5 years ago

Day: 31

Made a support because its was wobbling violently in the wind and super cropped it. Let’s see how it does. Also, the plant is very stretchy so I’m wondering if it’s a male or a hermie

5 years ago

Day: 28

Stretched a lot but it’s ight🤷🏽‍♂️

5 years ago

Day: 20

Outside plant

5 years ago

Day: 10

5 years ago

Day: 6


5 years ago

Day: 0

Popped open today

5 years ago