Outdoor unknown seed

Planted begining November 2018

3 Seeds planted, forced flowering with a dustbin over the top. 1 female 2 males Strong Indica looking leaves Very smelly from young veg state Taken several cuttings all successful, now growing first indoor

Unknown indica looking, smelly from young

Day 143 (Week 21)

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Day: 143

Almost time

5 years ago

Day: 138


5 years ago

kyawswar great good .my small plants is begining.

Day: 124

Sea of green

5 years ago

Day: 121

Buds everywhere

5 years ago

Day: 107

Several heads on each branch

5 years ago

Day: 97

Still growing, Stretching as to flower

5 years ago

Day: 92


Sprayed with bicarbonate soda to get rid of mildew, seemed to work

5 years ago

Day: 88

Still growing colas Heaps of rain last couple of days Found some mildew Opened up, tied down more foliage

5 years ago

Day: 82

Sorted Out the light pollution, Looking dark at night, Hopefully she will start flowering in earnest

5 years ago

Day: 79

Feed liquid fertilizer

5 years ago

Day: 77

Plant was getting to tall, and had light pollution. Bent and staked, opening the lower branches. Not sure if it will flower due to the light pollution

5 years ago

Day: 65


5 years ago

Day: 62

Approx 5 feet tall

5 years ago