Randoms (first grow)

Summer 2018

4 random seeds that I threw in a small seed starter.. didn’t think I’d get anything out of them because I had the seeds for months.. was hoping one would sprout and to my surprise all four sprouted.. but one is much smaller than the others.. this is my first grow ever and I’m just kinda winging it.. hopefully something good comes out in a few months

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Day 85 (Week 13)

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Day: 85

Trimmed the plant but idk of u can tell.. Should be taller too but i bonsai’d the hell out of it and tied it down.. Finally got measurements too.. still another month till flowering starts

5 years ago

Sirsmokesalot Hello mr or mrs. ziggy. Looks like an indica so she should be short. At what height will she be flipped? And what size pot and plastic or fabric? I have 2 different indices in 3 gallon pots and they are way different one doubled in size the other only maybe six inches. Advice would be if you want big go big bigger is always way better only you must keep in mind the height restrictions. And pot size! I have piece of tape on a tent pole that determines canopy height when they go in and anything lower than that tape seems to suffer. Your plants look good. Aloha

Ziggy Hey man! I put them to flower about 45 days ago.. I have an entry for both grows flower.. They were getting cold so I put a heater in with them.. I had to move them to another house because I had problems at mine.. so I go every day to check on them.. heading over tonight to see if heater is helping.. three already have orange hairs but the one with big buds are still white and growing like crazy.. just trying to keep them warm and alive till the end

Day: 79


Still on going.. The one in five gallon and the one in square pot were started at the same time in the same bucket.. Took the one out and it hasn’t really grown too much.. Not like the one in the 5G but still kickin so I haven’t gotten rid of her.. Been thinking about trimming the 5G one but don’t know.. The last pic is my grow area..

5 years ago

Tommyswag Hey I saw your comment it’s some cheap one, I think $68 on amazon. It’s a MAXSISUN Timer Control 300W LED Grow Light 12-band Dimmable Full Spectrum for Indoor

Ziggy Nice man!

Day: 75

Did good over night with new light.. Dropped my plant too from 3 pallets to two..

5 years ago

Day: 74

Light came in

5 years ago

Ziggy It’s crazy bright!

Tommyswag How much was this light?

Ziggy $100 on Amazon

Day: 73

New growth every day.. Got my new 1000w light in but got out too late from wrk to pick it up.. Will post pics tomorrow when I get it set up

5 years ago

Day: 70

Still going! Looking more bushier by the day. Waiting on my 1000w light to come in Tuesday. Can’t wait! Stretch was caused by lack of sunlight when I first started it. My new plants are short and fat already, so I already see a big difference. Love this one tho, smells super dank and not even close to flowering yet

5 years ago

Day: 66


Ok so after separating the two plants they seem to be doing better 2 wks later.. Ended up topping and Lst’d them both.. The one I left in the five gallon is starting to take on more of a wild bush look and the stem is getting thicker.. the one in the gallon pot is thinner and taller.. lowered the lights and installed a new fan to keep it between 75-80.. also put them on 24/7 lighting.. looks to be doing really well

5 years ago

Darkcloud2669 Looking good.. when are they going into flower?

Ziggy I’m thinking 2-3 more months.. they’re about 2 months old

Day: 50

Doing good after being topped and fim’d.. started lst training on one.. I know i shouldn’t have two plants in one pot but one smells soo good and the other is strong and will probably over power the smelly one but we’ll see what happens

5 years ago

Darkcloud2669 Looks good.. looks like your plant is stretching alittle, try putting the light alittle closer or change to a bigger pot.. but looks good


Wiser_greenery Agreed. That’s a hell of a stretch. As Dcloud said bring the light closer. Maybe a bit more than a ft or so should do

Ziggy I pulled the stronger one out and left this one in the five gallon and moved the light closer.. I repotted the one I pulled and they both seem to be doing good after a cpl days.. still letting them rest a few days before I do anything else to them.. I’ve been working on my grow space too.. built a roof out of a pallet and stapled heavy duty foil to reflect light and to seal up the top of my shower..added an exhaust fan for air out and fan for air in.. been staying at 75 degrees now.. my first time growing so just going off others grows.. thanks for the feed back and please keep it coming!

Day: 49


These were just random seeds I didn’t even think would grow.. Two came out so thought I’d just experiment on them while my other single seedlings start growing.. I topped one and FIM’d the other.. lets see what happens

5 years ago

Day: 47


Starting to see more growth after adding the foil to reflect the light better instead of wasting it.. covered the entire grow area in foil and added a better/smaller fan.. got it covered better and ventilated and it seems to be paying off.. hopefully they start to get stronger.. seems to be a little thin for their age..

5 years ago

Day: 45


Took one out ..these others seem to be doing really well under the grow lights.. much better than the natural sun light.. hopefully these are indeed females.. the last picture is where I’m currently growing.. kinda set it up the best I could.. that heater is just using the fan setting.. no heat.. and the lights don’t get hot.. the air stay a pretty cool temp.. using my master shower so I can have quick access to it.

5 years ago

Day: 42

Day two w/ grow lights.. plants seem to like it.. they all perked up it looks like.. found the light on amazon for $17 and fits into any light fixture.. still not sure which ones are female and male.. been looking at picture online but I’m still clueless.. hopefully at least one is female and the males I was going to cut out

5 years ago

Day: 41

Grow lights came in 😊 moved my plants in to my master bathroom shower that I never user.. this is my first time growing and trying to read up on as much info I can get.. started them on a 10-10-10 fertilizer a cpl wks ago and it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm.. says to put out fertilizer once a month so I’ll keep updating on how it’s going.. and for now the plants are on a 16-8 schedule with light until they get a decent height and then I can switch them to a 12-12 schedule.. does that sound about right? I’m open to helpful info and critiques.. remember this is my first time and I want to learn from mistakes.

5 years ago

Day: 30

After a month I moved my plants to a five gallon bucket.. I read that the bigger the planter the better.. still on natural light schedule.. thinking about getting grow lights.. gonna do some research

5 years ago

Day: 25

Not sure if it’s still too early to tell the gender

5 years ago

Day: 20

Plants are still in their first container and on natural daylight schedule.. Don’t know which are females or males.. waiting till the get a little older to see

5 years ago