My tent

Mix of strains

All are in fabric pots, nutrients are General Hydroponics flora series, 4x4x6.9 vivosun tent, either a 1k watt or 2k watt Led panel light. 2 fans, one tower, one 16 inch, tent temp is 75° and 60% humidity, light is in veg mode and at 60% output.

Moby Dick, Orange Cookies, Dracarys, Q-Daddy, Sunday Driver, and Gelato

Day 56 (Week 8)

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Day: 56

Not yet moving the girls over to 12/12, i am debating if i want to top them all and have them bush out or not right now, that way i can get some Scrog action going later on. My Moby dick is needing more veg nutes than the other girls, i am slowly raising it up as to dial in the correct amount that it needs.

2 years ago


bigsammy I got seeds for sale

Weejus Ive got plenty of seeds and make my own. Get off my shit if you are gonna advertise.