Project P

Single Black Mamba seed, got my set up different so it’s way harder to knock a plant over. Wishing the best this time, so far so good.


Day 130 (Week 19)

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Day: 130

Man o man, went mia to see the real growth. Tell me what y'all think 😶🤔

2 years ago

Day: 70

Female ???? Seems to me that this is indeed a female plant, growing day by day better and better.

2 years ago


RiskIt Guessing this a photo has it started it’s 12/12 light cycle ? You won’t now the sex of a plant till after 12/12 cycle starts

Day: 67

Here’s more of a show on my mainline plus these babies have grown so much within the day ima too then once they get two nodes higher but EVERYONE comment and tell me what I need to do better and what I’m doing good and need to keep up. I know I need to clean the stem just been busy with work.

2 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts This is a great structure you have here but it’s not actually the mainline technique although it can easily be turned into it. I believe this is manifold technique which is very similar, I think you should lst everything outwards the way you’ve got the two mains so she becomes a bush 👍🏾


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Personally I’d lst everything then fim the main 2 so it bushes all the other nodes out

xxcalvinn I thought Manifold and mainline was the same thing honestly

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Day: 65


Pulled a little farther to extend mainline, and stripped some leaves to get the smaller stems tied down. There’s a up-close on the knuckles also, How’s she looking ?

2 years ago


TheSaladSamurai Love a proper mainline


Motogro420 This is SICK!! First time I’ve seen this method! Interested to see how she turns out!


Godsproblem Looking good.

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Day: 64

No words needed ‼️🤩

2 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Nice training 👍🏾


Godsproblem Great mainline! You should top again and clean off what ever is growing on main stem.

xxcalvinn The marks that look a little brown is because I stuck a thumb tac through it but not to where it harms the plant but just to thicken my mainline really.

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Day: 41

Pulled some stems down to feed more light for my full plant, I’m just going with the flow and the best things I can do I know of 😍

2 years ago


diablo Are those tooth pick flossers? If so, how’d you manage to do that?

xxcalvinn Well it was temp until I found some bread ties to tie on one side and use the other side as a hook.


Bud_Doctor_SA Yoh bru love the idea🤙🏻

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Day: 36


Loving how the plant is looking, very full and string stems. Can’t wait until I see the first sight of buds on this baby.

2 years ago

Day: 36

Just down close ups on my girl 🥶🪨

2 years ago


Godsproblem Be careful with leaving water spots on leaves. When lights are on it can increase the heat of the reflection and cause light burn spots. Looking good though.

Day: 30

Got damn, 5 days and it grew so much from when I topped it and it showed a successful top. This is beautiful.. I’m speechless to how well this is growing.

2 years ago


Godsproblem 👍🏽

Day: 25

Grow going so well, already had a super good smell as it should for the strand it is. BLACK MAMBA ALL DAY, can’t wait to grow another one of these.

2 years ago

Day: 23

Noticed this is a successful topped plant, I’m happy it worked since it was my first time. Next plant ima top it higher up with nodes. (New light also)

2 years ago


Dr2Dank What node did you clip at? 2nd

xxcalvinn Yes I did, I did it too early I think that’s why ima start later next time.


Godsproblem @xxcalvinn IMO as an observer, I don’t think you cut too early if you just successfully topped your plant. I do believe after 4-6 weeks after vege is ok to top the plant. It’s not necessarily when to top them, but to achieve a successful topping.

Day: 20

I’ve noticed this greenish white piece coming out the opposite side of the stem at the top. Is this a new stem forming as my two new ones, and here’s a pic of my leaf it’s a beauty.

2 years ago

ChiTownMade1 Stem . Seeds usually grow symmetrical.

Day: 18

Noticed it’s staring to grow once again, any words to if them are new leaves or is it going to actually be topped ?

2 years ago


Cutler The new growth where you’ve topped it will become the two new main tops

Day: 17


First time topping, i don’t know if i topped it too early or if it’s just trying gaining more health since it was topped. Could I get anyone opinion and advice on my first topped plant ?

2 years ago


buddykushman Ya. A little too early. Try to wait until the 6th set of leaves next time. Or wait until this shoots are bigger and have fan leaves to absorb the light. This plant should still recover. But the growth will slow down for a few days

bgeezy I wait until at least 4 sets of nodes

Day: 14


Better strain, new space. Hoping the best for this one. Sorry for inactivity I got busy with a project for my growing and work. Steady updates on how my girl is doing. Plus soon after germination ima show off MYSTERY SEEDS. RIP MY LAST PLANTS 😭😢

2 years ago