2 Autoflowers in DWC

First hydro grow, 3 different strains

Seeds soaked in water 1/3/20 2.5 x 4 x 5 tent, 4” 190 CFM exhaust with controller, 400w HID light, MH and HPS bulbs, 6” air-cooled reflector hood, 4” air stone disc per plant bucket, 20w 45 L/M air pump, Recirculating DWC hydroponic system with additional 5g bucket reservoir. All buckets and reservoir are insulated. NovaTech ice probe chiller in res bucket (runs on timer with light). GH flora series, diamond nectar, rapid start, liquid chlorine bleach, RO water.

Two Female Seeds Auto Bubblegum (2nd gen), Dutch Passion Auto Frisian Dew (2nd gen), Delicious Seeds Cheese Candy

Day 223 (Week 32)

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162 photos

Day: 223

Done. Flushed for 3 days with pure PH balanced RO water. Then an additional 3 days flushing in darkness. 6 days flush total which is plenty for this system. Harvested the 2nd half of the plant today and got them all hung up drying in my dry box. First half yielded 125 grams dried, and trimmed nice and tight. Curious to see how much more this yields once it’s dried. I usually dry for about 7 days, trim, jar, and burp the jars as needed for the next 3 days. After that, as long as the RH in the jar holds less than 62%, I’ll weigh the final product. Then it’s back to the jar for the cuuuure. Thank you all who have followed this grow. I’m glad to have the last plant out of there. Just took some clones of Blue Cheese I have outdoors. Once they root, they will go into the buckets. Glad to finally grow a photo plant in these buckets. These autos were weeeiirrdd but fun.

2 years ago

Matvenko Hey I’m just finishing grow #4 in dwc and I can’t get my plants to finish without getting root rot what are you doing to keep such healthy roots? Hydro guard?

Day: 209

Day 2 of flushing Cheese Candy. Not sure what happened.. I think I locked it out. After the first feeding with Terpinator my leaves started showing what I thought was potassium deficiency. I added more K and the symptoms worsened. So, ran flora Kleen for a couple hours, dumped it, added all fresh RO water. Think I have decided this is my final flush. I’m done with this grow, I cannot believe I’m in the 200’s on days here.. I’ve tried some early cuts, it’s fantastic. I’m happy. Flush baby.

2 years ago

RoomBoss How do the trics look? Day 200 wow

Graybird8 Yeah no kidding. At day 200 all trichs we’re clear. But that was like 2 weeks ago currently. Now they are 3/4 cloudy. Flushed tonight actually! Update soon.

Graybird8 I harvested half the plant a week after this photo. It was so odd, at the base where the stem splits, the left side was the only side that was burned and locked out. So I flushed and harvested and the other half is currently flushing. It’s doing great

Day: 202


Finishing up. Seems to be lacking the trichomes that Frisian dew was putting out at this point. I’ve taken some early cuts and though amazing smoke, not as strong, either. But the more recent cuts I’ve tried have been notably stronger with a great body and mind relaxation. So, to encourage some Oil production and some extra fattening up I am trying some Terpinator. I don’t really think all the fancy shit does much but some plants just like different things, so, I’m going to give it a shot. Current NUTES: ml/g Micro - 2 Gro - .5 Bloom - 2 Terpinator - 5 CalMag+ - 3 Diamond Nectar - 0 She’s getting heavyyyy

2 years ago

Day: 180

Nugs are set. Time to fatten up! Flushed w flora kleen about 10 days ago, she finally seems to be coming back around and growing again. I’ve never flushed while using DWC, so I didn’t know what to expect. But, this whole grow has been for experimenting different techniques.

2 years ago

Day: 160


So this should be about week 4-5 into flowering. I had to flip the lights to 12/12 because this plant was TAKING OVER MY TENT. Lol not a bad problem I guess but wow, I have been starting to understand the power of DWC when you really get everything right or close to it. This plant (Cheese Candy) was doing the worst of the 4 from the beginning. I always tended to the plant/strain that was currently doing the best. This one almost never got nutrients tailored to its specific needs. But, ever since I harvested Frisian Dew, I’ve been giving it all the love and it has grown so fast, and so big. I have taken countless leaves to help the center of the plant to breathe better. Typically in defol sessions every 3-5 days. This autoflower wouldn’t flower even at day 140. So, after flipping the lights, she’s budding good. I’ve had to take about 8 tops due to light burn on the tips of the colas. I figured better now, sooner, than later after the plant has put so much energy into those tops. And now a week later you can’t even tell what tops I took. Beautiful tops fattening with about 12” of undergrowth and bud sites are everywhereeeee. Realistically, and depending a lot of bud density, but I’m expecting 8-16oz. But, who knows. ROOTS.... I don’t know what to say. Roots have filled the bucket. I can’t even see bubbles anymore. It’s unreal. I cannot wait to harvest and pull these roots out and see them. Current NUTES::::::ml/g Micro - 3 Gro - 1 Bloom - 3.25~ CalMag+ - 3 Diamond Nectar - 2 1ppm~ bleach daily or every other day

2 years ago

Day: 130

Added the second trellis net yesterday. Also got the tent in a spare bedroom now so temp controls are spot on. This plant is growing vigorously and training super well. Just some minor LST through the next couple weeks and she will be in full form for final weeks of flowering. I took a peak at the roots the other day and way blown away.. no wonder this thing is growing so fast. Beautiful almost white roots have basically filled the bottom of the bucket. I can’t even see the bubbles and I have all air lines shut off but that one bucket. It should be looking more like a rolling boil in the water. Lots of roots coming out the bottom but 2 huge roots coming out the sides of the nets as well. Current NUTES: ml/g Micro - 2 Gro - 2 Bloom - 2.5 CalMag+ - 3 Diamond Nectar - 2 1-2ppm chlorine every other day PPM’s were around 400 but drop off about 10 PPM’s a day. Temps are 75-85 daytime and below 70 at night. Humidity staying around 45%-55% 🤙🏼🤙🏼

3 years ago

Day: 121

Sooo many things have happened. Been slacking on the updates. •Frisian Dew has since been flushed for 8 days with plain RO water. Then Chopped at the base and dried in a tub with ventilating airflow for 8 days. Temps were 70-75°F and humidity stayed 50-57% the entire duration. Got 2.46oz (69g) from this plant, dried and trimmed. The buds are semi-dense and just covered with trichomes. I took it when trichomes were about 70% cloudy, 25% clear, and 5% amber. The smell is quite strong and fruity, zesty, pungent, with hints of spicy and licorice. Ground up is fluffy, powerful smell, and burns perfectly. You can truly tell the plant was flushed thoroughly. Looking forward to trying the cured buds a few months down the road. Thank you to all the homies who helped me diagnose issues, dose nutrients, and just gave great input on this grow. But.... it’s not over. CHEESE CANDY This lady has yet to be in the spotlight. And more than every does she deserve it... I top fed her the entire time I was flowering Frisian dew, and flushing Frisian dew. Going into this grow I knew growing different strains in one solution would be difficult but it forced me to be creative. Although I always tended (via nutrients) to the plant that was doing best. Now that Cheese Candy is the only plant left, she has been getting all the love. Threw a trellis net in there a few days ago, too. She’s really spreading out. Also starting to flower! Thank god all 4 plants didn’t make it and flower at the same time. I would have had to take a TON of limbs in my little 4x3 tent. NUTES: Micro - 2ml Gro - 2ml Bloom - 2ml CalMag+ - 3ml Diamond Nectar - 2ml 🤙🏼

3 years ago

Day: 102


Day for of week 15 with these weirdos. Since the last update I have tried some bud clipped from a couple weeks ago, and some clipped from a week ago. I could go on and on... I won’t bore you. It’s great. What an incredible plant, right? I’ll do a thorough flower review once it is dried. Found some tiny tiny small bugs in the roots two days ago. Not many, but worried me sick considering I’m 1 week from actual harvest. After some research I thought it may be root aphid larvae. But I haven’t seen any aphids. I put glue traps down and caught 1 fungus gnat. Got some mosquito dunks and let 1/2 of one on in through my system for 2 days and top rinsing roots. Today, no bugs found, so I decided to do an extensive cleaning (because I don’t usually run any bacteria or organic substance in my system) and scrub of each bucket, after rinsing the roots with fresh RO water with 2ppm chlorine and 5.9ph. Needless to say, the system is as clean now as it was week 1. Running plain RO water at 5.8-5.9ph for the rest of Frisian Dews life cycle. I contemplated adding very light nutes to help ease the plant into its internal reserves of nutes, hoping to prevent osmotic shock in the root system. But, I have half the plant I’m ready to harvest now, and half could harvest any day, so I’m going with plain water to help flush faster. She’ll be cut within 7 days. As for Cheese Candy. It’s growing just fine. I started too feeding twice a day to help aid in the absence of veg nutes, and it has reacted very nicely and is growing healthy. Not a single pistil, but what seems to be a calyx is still barely visible. Flipped the lights to 12/12 to see if this helps endorse its flowering. Though, I have read, that autos do not have the hormone within them that is released through long periods of dark, which’s causes flowering. But, I have seen through another grow on here that someone had the same issue with an auto not flowering and the 12/12 flip did the trick. We shall see. ✌🏼

3 years ago

RoomBoss Awesome dude! Was wondering if you’d be willing to share some of your bucket parts cause I want to make a recirculating system next grow and your setup looks awesome.

RoomBoss I just don’t know what the parts are called for connecting the pipes and what kind of screens / pumps to get

Graybird8 I would be more than happy to help! Let me get an organized list together

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Day: 85


Day 2 of week 13. Geez.... is this thing gonna finish or what?? Ready to get some new plants going. But, current plants are doing great so I can’t complain. Just did a full res change and cleaning. Going to be the last nutrient feed before flushing! I lowered Ppm’s From 450~ to 375~ to help start clearing some of the built up nutrients within the plant. After this week, I’ll do the last res change and run less than 300 ppm’s to prevent roots from osmotic shock, but still allowing them to use what nutrients is left within the plants. I will likely start taking branches as they mature in less than a couple weeks. NUTES: ml/g Micro - 1.5 Gro - 1.0 Bloom - 2.0 Cm - 2.0 Dn- 1.0 Cheese Candy got another round of defoliation. Just taking lower branches and retraining them to create an even canopy. This plant, if all goes well, will do great. It has already taken an awesome shape and seems to be blasting new roots daily. Unfortunately it has to sit in the same nutrient solution as Frisian Dew, which is in full flower ripening stages.

3 years ago

TheGreenEgg 👌👌👌

Day: 80

Few days into week 12. Still running the same nutes. Plants going strong. Cheese Candy shows some spots, Frisian dew had a few as well, so I added .5ml CalMag+ per gallon and boom within hours Cheese Candy was growing faster and healthier foliage. It really took well to LST and is now growing a beautiful canopy. Frisian Dew is swelling up. Still lots of clear trichomes, I’d say 40%. With a few pistils here and there turning brown. I presume 2 more weeks give or take before harvest. But nonetheless she is doing fantastic and bursting with trichomes! The smell is exotic, mango/citrus, peppery, with a hint of black licorice here and there if you really try to find it. Hoping to get some cooler evenings the next couple weeks in hopes it will bring out some purple. I’ve also started adding about 90w of 5000K CFL. After some research in the past, I’ve never mixed spectrums in the flowering stages and decided to experiment with it. It will be interesting to see how Cheese Candy responds through the rest of the bloom nutrients, as well as the flush. I may supplement nutrients spraying from the top. Haven’t decided. But considering Frisian Dew is doing the best, I decided from the beginning I would tend to the plant doing the best. Been getting pretty warm in the tent past couple days. Up to 82°. Humidity 40-60%. Water is still staying cool. Has some fluctuations and gets high, around 72, and I add an ice pack and it lowers pretty quick.

3 years ago

Day: 74


Happy St. Patrick’s day!! Which also happens to be my birthday 🎂 enjoying a green beer my wife poured me while tending to the plants before lights out. Mid-way through weekend 11. Both plants doing great. Frisian dew has lots of trichomes, recovers super fast after light defoliation, seems to be doing fantastic. Roots have taken the craziest shape.. a complete dome structure surrounding the ball of surfacing bubbles. Cheese Candy has come a long way as well. Finally with enough roots, the rate of growth seems to be speeding up as well. Also, CC finally showed that it is indeed a female.. thank goodness... Although these plants have gone on way longer than a typical auto flower, I think they are still going to do very well considering their late start. Current NUTES: ml/g Micro 2.5 Gro 1.0 Bloom 1.75 Cm+ 3.0 DN 2.0 Chlorine 2.5ppm // 1ppm daily Nutrient PPM 440

3 years ago

Day: 65


Frisian Dew flowering well. I just finished some of the last LST and removed a good bit of leaves. Lots of tops and tight internodal growth. Cheese Candy is picking up some speed and growing ok. Still seeing what looks like male sex parts and no pistils. We’ll see! NUTES ml/g: micro 2.0; Gro 1.0; bloom 1.5; CalMag+ 3.0; Diamond nectar 2.0; Chlorine initially 2.5ppm adding 1 ppm almost daily.

3 years ago

Day: 61


Disappointing news. Looks like my two Bubblegum plants are male. Which is surprising because one seed came from Female Seeds directly, the other seed came from a 1st generation Female Seeds Bubblegum I grew a few years ago. These are my 2 best plants right now so it’s unfortunate they won’t produce any flower. I turned their bubbles off so the other plants get twice as many bubbles. Now I am focusing on Frisian Dew, which is currently flowering wonderfully, and Cheese Candy, which has not shown any pistils yet. Could be another male. Will be interesting to see how the 2 plants responds to no bubbles. The water will still be heavily oxygenated but no active bubbling in their buckets. I have been a few days behind my weekly posts. The plants in actuality are currently at the end of week 9.

3 years ago

Day: 56


Week 8 complete. The deficiency I posted about last has since been kicked! I added some addition GRO for some Potassium and sure enough leaves stopped curling and spotting and growth continued. Also, the roots thickened up and turned white-er!! Started LST. Bubblegum plants took to it great.. Frisian Dew unfortunately started flowering sooner than planned so only could do minimal training. Stems got stiff quick. Cheese Candy is still making her way just fine. Expecting a very below average harvest but should still be fantastic end product. Switched from Metal Halide to High Pressure Sodium. Temps and humidity still staying between 70°-80° and 40%-60%RH. NUUUUTES ml/g: Micro - 1.5 Gro - 2 (with additional .25 days later) Bloom - .25 CalMag+ - 3.75 Rapid Start - 1.5 Diamond Nectar - 2.5 Chlorine - initial 2.5 ppm with 1 ppm added daily Coming along great. I wish they would have been doing this well much sooner. But should still have a satisfying harvest. Peace ✌🏼

3 years ago

Day: 50

Any ideas on what this could be? Leaf edges and serrations started curling first, about midway up the plant. Within 2 days, leaf tips are now curled up and leaf edges are curling in worse. Brow tips of leaves. Some brown ish spots. Leaves are also yellowing from the tips. Minor leaf chlorosis with inter veins staying slightly darker. 400W MH light, kept 18”+ from tops of plants. I let this get a little close recently and moved the lights up. Problem still persists. Also, FD has never been closer than 18” from the light and it is showing same symptoms. Looks very much like light burn, though. Nutrients per G: 1.5ml micro, 1.5ml gro, .25ml bloom, 3.75ml CalMag+, 1.5ml Rapid start, 2.5ml Diamond Nectar. PPM’s reading 350 PH 5.8-5.9 consistently Water temp 66°-70° consistently. 100% RO water used in the system. Tent temperature 67-77° night and day consistently Tent humidity 40%-60% consistently All ideas and advice are greatly appreciated!

3 years ago

RoomBoss Everything you posted sounds perfect. I think your light might be too close. Early veg you could probably do 30” Also how’s the roots look?

Day: 49


Week 7 complete. Roots still blasting off.. good growth from both Bubblegum strains. Unfortunately I’m getting some curled leaves on BG1 and FD. It started with outer edges of the leaf curling in. Then today the leaf tips are starting to curl UP. Also some yellowing on those leaves as well. To me it looks like light stress, or light bleaching. Possibly nute burn but PPM has been about 350 and plants drank over a gallon of water last week. They have been fine all week. Just the last 2 days the curling has started showing. Light has been 18” above plant tops but I didn’t compensate for how fast BG 1 was growing. So, I recently checked and it had surpassed the 18” distance. Just moved the lights up and we’re back to a good distance. Today I drained the water from the system, scrubbed buckets, cleaned with mild bleach solution, rinsed, filled with 16 gallons of RO water. NUTES ML/G: micro 1.5ml, Gro 1.5ml, bloom .25ml, CalMag+ - 3.75ml, Rapid start 1.5ml, Diamond Nectar 2.5ml, 2ppm bleach (3 drops per gallon). Any suggestions on the leaves curling and yellowing would be appreciated 🙏🏼🤙🏼

3 years ago

Day: 42


Week 6 complete. After the feeding on day 1 of week 6, Plants took on what looked like potassium toxicity, overnight. After the initial issue popped up I did another full drain, rinse, filled with all 16 gallons of RO water and lighter nutrients. NEW NUTES per gallon: 1.5ml micro; 1ml Gro; 3ml CalMag; 1.5ml rapid start; 2.5ml diamond nectar. 2 days later, PPM was still reading high and plants were still acting shocked and/or locked out. So, i diluted the res mix by 1/3, about 5 gallons drained and replaced with RO water, and then added .5ml/g rapid start to replace what I took out. But only the rapid start. And I did this because the roots are seeming to go crazy this past week and I want to keep that same ratio. PPM now reading 275. PH holding pretty well at 5.8 - usually takes a couple days to stop fluctuating from 5.7-5.9 and then holds extremely well between 5.75-5.85 for the remainder of the week until the next res change. Roots are blasting with growth since the issues earlier this week. BubbleGum has the most growth, but all plants are showing rapid growth in root systems similarly according to their size. Cheese Candy definitely topped itself. Could be what has stunned it’s growth so much. But, like these plants do, it will be fine and I’m sure will surprise me in the end. Frisian Dew just started showing pistils in week 5. New top growth also seems to be showing signs of flowering, as it is started to zig zag between nodes, and Nodes are starting to not be as symmetrically parallel with one another as they do in healthy vegetative growth. Next res change will likely be the middle of this week. But, if water seems to be doing well, I may go until Friday to be back on schedule again with the regular Friday or Saturday res change/nutrient feeding. Light schedule still on 18/6. Thank you to all that have given great input and advice on this grow! I mean that. I’ve loved tweaking things here and there and seeing how fellow advice is helping improve the plants 🌱 that’s amazing. So thank you!

3 years ago

RoomBoss What are your water temps and tent temps? Highs and lows?

Graybird8 Water stays 67-68 very well but sometimes drifts up to about 70 depending on how I played the weather conditions that day. Tent doesn’t go below 68 during lights off and doesn’t exceed 78 during lights on. Typically hangs around 75 while lights are on. RH 40%-60%

Day: 35


•Photos coming shortly! I’m labeling them in a photo editor for easier identification regarding each different strain. •5 weeks complete. Plants have taken a good turn after a really slow start. Roots hitting the water, growth speeding up, PH is holding stable at 5.8 for days on end, temps are ranging from 70°-77° and RH from 40%-60%. There has been one issue.. I think I just caught root rot in early stages. Frisian Dew was looking a little droopy, some odd shapes to leaves, and I found some small brown smudges and clumps of almost a translucent brown color. Some was sitting on the inside of the bottom of the basket. I had been running Clear Rez for the first time this last week. Prior, I was running an initial 5ppm bleach and adding 1ppm daily. So, I’m ditching the Clear Rez and I added 5ppm bleach to the system to sit overnight. Luckily I found it a day prior to the weekly res change/clean/fresh nute feed. •Next day - day 35; Drain all 15 gallons. Rinsed hydroton from the top, thoroughly, with a 20ppm bleach solution, (All plants got this treatment even though only one was showing signs of sickness. Because the whole system is connected and flowing, everything needed to be treated) let sit for 5 minutes and rinsed thoroughly with plain water. Buckets then scrubbed, rinsed, and refilled with 16 gallons of plain tap water (my city water reads an initial 165ppm). I also discovered my pumps filter had an excess of this said “brown stuff” too and rinsed it well and disinfected. Same as buckets and baskets. •NUTES: Per Gallon - 2ml Micro; 1ml Gro; .5ml bloom; 1.5 ml Rapid Start; 2.5 ml Diamond Nectar. Balanced PH to 5.8 •UPDATE: day after nutrient feed. Frisian Dew looking even more droopy. I would say it looks like it won’t make it but it is still holding good green color. She likely will pull through and balance back out in a few days. Bubblegum2 showed signs of Calcium and magnesium deficiency on 2 lower leaves. I have been noticing some slight purple stems on multiple plants as well prior to this so I am a little late on the CalMag. But, got a bottle today and added 3ml per gallon. Now my nutrient regime is complete. UPDATE: lower leaves on Bubblegum2 stopped turning yellow and spots stopped showing up. Those initial leaves died quickly so I removed them. As far as all the other plants, now they show a little phosphorous toxicity. Newer growth and upper leaves are darkening almost to a purple/blue hue. I removed 5 gallons and replaced with PH balanced tap water. Hoping this dilutes the abundance. I regret adding the .5 of bloom now but hey, every grow I learn. •One thing I learn EVERY grow, is patience. Stop over-feeding. Stop over-watering, stop any excessive worry or doubt in general. These are incredible plants that know what to do. They just need to be urged in the right direction and they will do well. I often over complicate the process and that’s the mistake I see predominantly in growers all around. •Chiller also got a reflective housing to help keep its black plastic parts from Absorbing heat from the light.

3 years ago

RoomBoss To get rid of my root rot I use 29% potent H202 and added an extra air stone. It really helped. 2-2.5ML / Gallon of h202 adds oxygen to the water and kills the bad stuff.

Hydrodro The leaves discoloring could be from bad genetics or from something that’s going on in your resivoir. I have never used h2o2 in my hydro but for me to clear root rot I make sure water is around 68* and flush flush flush. For these plants I would be down at 150-200ppm. An extra air stone will also help too

Hydrodro Your plants need more grow than micro, and don’t need any bloom at all.

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Day: 28


4 weeks old. First nute feed was 7 days ago and it was definitely what they were missing. Also, huge effect after adding 1.25ml per gallon of Rapid Start. It took a few days and then in a 24 hour period 2 plants grew a 6” root out the bottom of the baskets. They are now almost 10” long in just a few days. Foliage is filling out. Frisian Dew seems to show some heat stress but not bad. Cheese Candy is just weird.. I thought it topped itself due to stress or overwatering early in seedling 🌱 stage. But, each day, one stem is growing a little faster and seems to becoming the main shoot. But super weird growth up until now. Bubblegum3 is doing well, growth speeding up, great roots growing. Bubblegum4 still doing slightly better than all of them. More roots hitting the water and more foliage. Should see some big changes for all of them in week 5. Today the buckets got drained, scrubbed and cleaned, rinsed, and refilled with 8g RO water and 7g tap water. I use the tap water due to a tight budget and can’t do it all at once - so I utilize the sterilization and calcium in the tap water. Not currently using any CalMag. Did get some ClearRez today, but I’m going at a lighter dose than suggested. I already clean and rinse the system weekly, water temps still staying between 67-70, hoping that’s enough to help keep any bad bacterial or fungal growth from being harbored. Buckets filled with: Per gallon: •1ml FloraMicro •.5ml FloraGro •1.5ml Rapid Start •2ml Diamond Nectar (new this week) •5ml ClearRez (new this week) 400w MH sitting at 18” Feel free to make any suggestions or comments, I’m learning a lot this first hydro grow and appreciate all the feedback!

3 years ago

RoomBoss Awesome. At that stage I just top fed the nutrient want once a day around the sides of my net pot untill the roots really took off. I definitely added cal mag by then and my temps were not under control yet. Water was ranging between 72-78° but since I cleaned my buckets once a week I didn’t worry about mold or anything. Just thought I’d share.

Graybird8 Absolutely! Thanks for sharing. Cal mag is the next nute purchase and by then I should have a solid regime of nutes with everything covered.


Mmcary82 Looking good

Day: 21


Week 3 complete. Still very slow growth but starting to speed up. Trying to be patient with this new system of growing. Lights have been lowered to 16” +/-, plants seem to be doing slightly better, but still no vigorous growth. Root systems still forming well. Yesterday, buckets got emptied, scrubbed, and refilled with 1/4 strength Rapid Start. I also installed my Ice Probe chiller into the reservoir. Already holding temps 5° cooler. Tops of buckets also got a layer of insulated reflective tape. Temps are holding more consistently and at a lower average. First very light nutrient feed will be tomorrow. Excited to see how the plants respond. Planning on starting at 1/8 strength, as the plants are still so small and I don’t want to burn them.

3 years ago

RoomBoss I’m so jealous of your setup.

Graybird8 It’s taken some time and money but little by little I have improved it’s overall system and functionality. It’s been really fun!

Dasilva1991 Hey buddy sorry i may be wrong! And i know we dont have the same light obviously! But in my case i need to get the light at 24-30’’ for your stage ! When i saw the plante switch to veg i need to get the light at 18’’ and at the flowering stage its like 12’’ Your plant seems to grow leafs but does not seem to get higher!! In the reverse situation if the light is to high you get a fu....g long spaghetti plant with only to leafs... What king of light do you use

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Day: 17


Upgraded the buckets and got them insulated to help maintain a steady water temp. It seems to be helping a ton.. though, I believe I am going to invest in a chiller soon. 68° is where I want to be, constantly. Drained, scrubbed, and flushed all buckets and lines by week 2. Final 4 seedlings have been chosen. Has been a difficult process determining the 4 best suited seedlings, as almost all of them have had a hard time developing. Possibly some light nute burn from the 1/2 strength GH Rapid Start. Possibly overwatering do to The water level was 3/4” up the bottom of the baskets and the cubes were staying saturated. That’s honestly my guess from the twisted and abnormal young growth. But, I backed off the Rapid Start to less than 1/4 strength. Also, water level is at if not barely Below baskets. New growth has started in the past few days and already seems to be helping. Top left bucket 1- Frisian Dew (2nd gen) Top Right bucket 2- Cheese Candy Bottom left bucket 3- Bubblegum (2nd gen) Bottom right bucket 4- Bubblegum (2nd gen) Bubblegum 4 is doing better than any of the others. Roots are growing well every day and this little guy has established a good start to a healthy root system. Lateral roots appeared a few days ago. All others, roots are coming through the rhizocore cone and also some going around it, as it was designed. These 3 other plants still only have a few roots coming through the basket and have not yet started growing roots laterally off the main shoot. For now, just trying to achieve a steady 5.8 Ph and good temperatures and humidity. Currently averaging 68°-78° with humidity hovering right around 40%

3 years ago

Matvenko Your gonna need more room! I’m just finishing up 3 bubble gum and a gorilla glue in a 4x4 tent and I can hardly close the door!

Graybird8 I know it, it’s super limited. Hoping to train them as much as possible all around the tent due to the irregular bucket pattern. We’ll see what happens but I may have to take some branches.

Day: 8


More sprouts. Looking to have a promising 4 plants. Though, All 4 strains did something totally different through germination process to seedling. I knew Growing 4 different strains in such a confined space would have challenges, would germ and grown differently, flower, etc. I knew this going into it, but with the method I am using, I wanted to see how it effected all 4 strains differently with keeping all the other variables the same. Because I have already grown all 4 strains before (hence the 2nd generation seeds), I have an idea how they grow and act throughout their lifecycle. I’m expecting this first hydro grow of mine to be very educational. Here are the sprouts so far: •Bubblegum - my most vigorous autoflower I’ve grown. From germ to harvest everything is super fast and exciting. This shows to be true, again, with even the 2nd generation of seeds. •Frisian Dew - I didn’t think a single seed would germ. All other seeds were popping tails. And then, sure enough, they all germed. These are also 2nd generation seeds. •Cheese Candy - If ONE plant made it, I would want it to be this one. Some of the best flower I’ve ever had. From taste, to smell, to smoothness, effects, 5 stars in all categories. Unfortunately I only have one seed, a 1st generation from Delicious Seeds. None of my other plants had a single seed in them. So, I’m hoping this sprout makes it. The small Velcro strap is just simply holding the cube together as it was falling apart. — The small plant next to it is just a random seedling I had, a photoperiod plant, in which I practiced my germinating process on a few days before I germed the autos. It’s only purpose was to practice germinating and I have plenty of random seeds. It’s taproot just hit the top of the rhizocore, and sure enough it’s going out to the side, just as these lids were designed. This is all good news because I am using the same technique to sprout and start the autos. •Fast & Vast - where are you : ( luckily, this happened to be my least favorite smoke of all 4 strains. I found it difficult to achieve a smooth smoke. Maybe needs to cure for months. Anyway, the seed sprouted a tail, and I havent seen any action since I put her in a cube. We’ll see, but considering it germinated and sprouted a tail, we should have seen some action within a few days. All seeds are pretty shallow in the cube with a little sand on top to push through. Next update I will be choosing the final 4 autos for the net pots.

3 years ago

Day: 5

After all seeds germinated in paper towels, I moved them to individual Rockwool starter plugs. Out of the 8 seeds I germinated, 3 have sprouted in the last 48 hours. I will end up taking the healthiest 4 and putting them in their own final net pot soon. For now, just trying to watch and control environment optimal for seedlings. Lights on 24/0. Temps stay between 72°-80°, and RH between 60%-70%. Bubbles are on and water is just at the bottom of net pots.

3 years ago

Dasilva1991 Nice set up ! Gotta see the end product Nice gens too!

Graybird8 Hey thank you! Things should be getting really exciting through the next couple weeks.

Hardd What size tent are you in?

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