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Testing simple humidifier

Trying a simple humidifier


Day 83 (Week 12)

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Day: 83


This one has new been moved into the flower room and flipped to 12/12. Fingers crossed this one won't die

3 years ago

marlinman Its a boy isn't it. My big problem is that im out of smoke. Should i just let it go and smoke it

marlinman Or is it a hermafrodit as it has buds

Day: 56

Trying quadlining. Its 6 weeks and im trying to sex it. Think its a femail???. My other pland has gone down the gurggler so i may get flipped soon.

3 years ago

Day: 44

Coming along now. Started quadlining using chopsticks and small alloy hocks made out of alloy welding wire

3 years ago

Day: 30

Getting bigger. Will do some training later next week

3 years ago

AusGrower Where did you pick this dehumidifier up mate ? Great to see another Aussie on here forsure. I have noone to talk cannabis with in real life really don't see many other aussie growing glad i seen ya. I am not alone haha what strains are you growing?

marlinman Yeah not to many around. My set up is as simple as it can be. Fridge/freezer. Bottom part whis is the fridge has the setiva in it in a 27l bunnings storage tub and a small aquarium air pump. 240v 125mm jcar fan through the bottom hooked up to a temp controller($18 ebay. Inkbird) the light is of ebay $60. Said it was a 1000w but i beg to differ. Still it does the job. The light is hooked up to a bunnings smart adapter. Can control it with my ph. Thats it for the main grow area. The top freezer part has much the same equipment but the plant is in a 5l Tupperware tupe container i got of ebay. There is also 2 125mm ebay usb fans that come on when the light comes on and vent out the back of the fridge. This area has the indy in it with a couple of clones im trying. The fridge itself dosnt work so its just a grow room. But its light proof and insulated. Except for my stuff up its super easy. I dont have to check it every day but i like to. Realistically i could just leave it and just do a full water change every 7 days only

Day: 27


This little wipper snapper is moving along nicely. Very bush. Should be able to start training soon. Water and nutrients change tomorrow or next day. Im using cyco grow. But will ad a little Cyco Grow XL. This will get put into flower one the other one is done. Only have room for 1 to grow out. It should be about 6 weeks away. I hope.

3 years ago

AusGrower How is your humidifier going ? What humidity do you get with it and without it? I dont have a dehumidifier or humidifier as yet. Pricey to arn they ?

marlinman Ausgrower. Just a drinking glass. Didn't work so im trying other things

Day: 24

Just some up date pics. Dont need to top this any more its done it its self. Going to to a grid type training to fit the fridge. Looking good though

3 years ago

AusGrower Looking healthy man. Top work. Are you growing DWC or RDWC ? what setup are you using and how much did it set you back ? I have only grown in organic living soil and coco perlite blends i am looking around for a good dwc or Rdwc setup for myself any ideas ?

marlinman Dwc with aquarium air pump

Day: 19


Topped it today. Might be a little early but oh well. Does it look like a indi strain. Im not sure. Its already smelling. Have no idea of the strain. Seeds were given to me srom someones smoke. The cloning isnt going the best.

3 years ago


moneymike1983 Short fat leaves. Definitely more indica than sativa

marlinman Thanks moneymike. Thats what i thought. Hope its a girl. Plan is to let this veg while the other is flowering. Its in the 2nd week of 12/12 flower. Then swap them. So it should have about 6-8 weeks veg


Caliban Time to up pot I think?

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Day: 15

Ticking over

3 years ago

AusGrower I am going to make a dwc setup for my 4x4 tent any pointers to give me for building my one ?

marlinman About the only thing is to keep it simple. Bunnings 27l container, aquarium air pump and keep the nutrients simple. Im using Cyco grow A and B. Then flower A and B for no particular reason other than it was left over from veggies hydro. They seem to do the job well. Mine is all dialled in and honestly if i wasn't so nosie i could not even have to look at it for 7-10 days at a time. I only cut a hole in the lid and use a pool noodle to hold the plant. You can see the smaller version above. That is a 5l container which does the job perfectly for small plants. Ask me any questions any time. Happy to help

marlinman Actually one thing i wish i did was put a bulkhead tap in the bottom of my 27L container for easier water changes.

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Day: 13

The others died but this is still going strong. Got some cloning going on as well. First one didn't make it so ive tried more

3 years ago

AusGrower Don't be hard on yourself your doing good man in DWC and RDWC Shit can go wrong and go wrong very quickly when it does. I like dwc and rdwc alot less maintenance compared to soil or coco hehe

Day: 6

2 are still growing. One very healthy. My screw up. Ive got paper towl as a wick. When i changed the water the paper towel got stuck to the side of the container and dried out. Oh well my bad but at the end of the day i only have room for 1. Plus ther is 3 clones on the go. Not sure how of if they will turn out

3 years ago

Day: 2

Drinking glass humidifier

3 years ago

AusGrower Awesome little setup in there man how big is this and what is the light man ? This looks sick I have a small seahawk tent with a small T5H0 LED in that I use as my seedling tent mostly I want to setup something like this mate.

marlinman Ausgrower its just a small fridge freezer. My old homebrew keg freezer.

Day: 0

A simple drinking glass upside down as a humidifier

3 years ago


TheChef420 Damn genius that will work lol good idea

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⚖️Golden Ratio 🧬 Babiessssss 🌱🌱🌱