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Day 129 (Week 19)



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Day: 129


Fed some nutes 3:1:1:3 tb/gal. Bb:tb:chia:h2o some light defoliation and bug patrol

16 days ago

Day: 127


Looking good, rainy last couple of days

17 days ago


HeritageSecretGarden Looking good 👍


SalamancaOG Looking nice bro i love it blue dream

Day: 124


Some defoliation is needed I think. 3wk in

21 days ago

Day: 123


Nute feeding yesterday 3tbl bb, 1tbl tb, 1tsp cc . Been on caterpillar patrol. Some fading of fan leaves. Nights have been drop to low 50’s now.

22 days ago

Day: 118


High 80s and low 90s equals more watering

a month ago

Day: 116


Nute feeding 3bb,2tb, 1/4 cc per gallon took 3.5 gallons.

a month ago

Day: 101


I think maybe starting flower. Anyone?

a month ago

big Lee It’s trying to flower so bad but it needs a 12/12 light cycle


dober151 Yes she’s in flower. Notice rush of new growth at top accompanied by white hairs aka pistils at top. Those hairs are female reproductive organs of plant. Outside they transition slower so it’s not as dramatic as inside. This happens because the hours slowly go down over time instead of just flipping light cycle to 12/12 after 48 hours of darkness. Outdoor=greater yield and indoor=greater quality


dober151 Looks very nice though. Great Job taking care of her

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Day: 98

More watering. 90+ degree days almost forgot nutes fed. 3 tbs bb , 3tps, 1tps cc 3tsp m/c 4 gal water. Hungry.

a month ago

lizenbee I feel you in Oklahoma


HeritageSecretGarden I’m dealing with 💯 plus temps in Az she looks good

Fosterfire Definitely not complaining.

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Day: 97

Just some water today and lst. Started typing down some limbs to help open up

2 months ago


ig:@eaegifts This strain yields so freaking much, I pulled over a half pound from a blue dream way smaller than this, you’re getting a pound outta here..that’s my guess 👍🏾👍🏾


HeritageSecretGarden Nice job bro looks good 👍

Day: 89

Moved inside for the night got hit by thieves overnight. 10 plants stolen. Dirtbags

2 months ago


RhysDaShoota You know you growing some good shit when folks steal the plants 🤣🤣


HeritageSecretGarden Damn man that sucks nice looking tree, well at least they left you one silver lining


organic_grower Fucking hate thieves!! I feel your pain bro been there right at harvest!

Day: 85

Fed some nutes. 2.5 TBS bb, 6 gb, 1 m/c, 3 tb,1 bestie. In 4 gallons. Started some defoliation today but didn’t want to stress her out.

2 months ago


sir_terpes024 Blue dream definitely in my top 5! Beautiful plant there foster! 🤌🏽🔥

Day: 81

Water only till run off

2 months ago

boysnanax7 Beauy plant.


HeritageSecretGarden Nice tree 😎

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Amazing 🤩

Day: 78

Bd on the right ,water with 4tsp ff boomerang

2 months ago

Day: 74

Took a day or two but has recovered from the transplant finally

2 months ago

Day: 68

Transplanted from 5 to 10 gal water throughly with foxfarm boomerang 2tsp per gal 2.5 gal she drank

3 months ago

Day: 64


3 months ago

Day: 63

Nutes 2.5 bb, 2 tb, 1/4 bb 1 m/c

3 months ago

Day: 61

Feed Ibb 7tsp tb 3t, bestie 3/4t, m/c 3t in 3gal. 6.7 ph sprayed with bt. Hit 40”

3 months ago

Day: 58

Nute feeding 2bb,2tb,1/4 bestie ,1 go ph 6.8, sprayed with neem as part of ipm.

3 months ago

Day: 49

Fed nutes 1 gb,1.5tsp bb,1.5 tb, 1tspm/c, 1 seaweed kelp. Tsp/gal

3 months ago

Day: 43

Ph balanced water 1 gal

3 months ago

Day: 32

Feed first time. 2 tsp gb, 1.5 bb in 1/2 gal. Miss calculated should of been half had to do a good flush

4 months ago

Day: 30

Training day. Just topping for now

4 months ago