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4x4 tent. Foxfarm happy frog soil. I have general hydro 3 nutrients on hand to use

Auto flower

Day 70 (Week 10)

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Day: 70

The days are off, I switched lights in the middle and changed the grow drastically. Any advice when to cut and start drying?

2 years ago


Godsproblem You harvest when trichomes are mostly cloudy and some amber, maybe 20-30%. Then dry anywhere from 3-14 or more days. It all depends on your environment.

Day: 50

Not sure when to switch the light schedule.

2 years ago

zayyy Any advice?

JaiWill Try not to get overwhelmed! There is a lot of info out there!

JaiWill @troy:farms... yes, I had a really small starter light for the fist 20 or so days, once I upgraded it took off. Learning process!

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Day: 49

Couple yellowish tips but otherwise looking good

2 years ago

Day: 45

Filling in

2 years ago

Day: 42

Say 42 ish, got a slow start and new light helped take off. First try at LST

2 years ago

Day: 41

Going to snip some of the bigger leaves

2 years ago

Day: 40

Only lead looking like this, not sure what happen

2 years ago


clifdawggsmokes Mines like that too

Day: 40

Time to start LST? Thinking wait a lil longer

2 years ago

stoned Mines around the same size, this is when you’d wanna start training yes. Just tie her top down to the side of the pot and she’ll start getting bigger. That or wait till she gets one more node and you can top her so the stem grows fat

JaiWill Awesome, I appreciate the feedback. I have 3 going so I might try each way!

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Day: 39

Just water today

2 years ago

Day: 38

Open to suggestions. I have just been watering at this point

2 years ago


NorthernGrow Hello there. It looks like about time to add some nutrients, top growth is pretty light coloured. Most soils run out of nutrients at about the 1 month mark. Unless it’s a miracle grow product which should not be used for cannabis, I did for my first grow and nutrient burnt the shit out of everything. If you are a first timer, Id suggest the Gaia green dry nutes if in Canada. If not there is other dry nutrient equivalents. No flushing, no run off to deal with ever with 5-10% pot size waterings everyday. People do get some amazing turn outs with liquid nutes though too, I just find dry easier..

JaiWill Thank you for the feed back, not in Canada but looking into options!


JohnnySmokes420 Down to Earth is another great product.

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Day: 38

First timer, when do you start topping?

2 years ago


greenthumb Not yet man. Give it more time. 🤩

JaiWill Thank you, thought I was early!

JaiWill Thank you. I watered with some very low nutrients and cannot believe the drastic change, I feel like every time I peak in there is new growth!