Crit + 2.0

Summer 2019

First grow - one plant. Homemade grow box with organic soil and LED Winjoy Grow Light


Day 45 (Week 7)

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Day: 45

Not much to tell. Still growing strong. The LST is working, and she’s starting to even out. Moved her to the new grow house over the weekend.

5 years ago

Day: 36


Still growing strong. LST has let the lower ones come up. I switched to a different pot and added a layer of lava rock on the bottom for drainage and the top to control gnats. Thinking maybe 2-3 more weeks and I switch to flower?

5 years ago

Day: 32


Still recovering nicely. I went and started some LST see if I can get that bottom growth up.

5 years ago

Day: 30


Wow it’s been a long week! I’ve returned and she’s doing really well!! She grew quite a bit while I was gone and seems to have recovered/recovering fast. I haven’t watered her since before I left. She’s now about 13inches tall.

5 years ago

Goochie22 Strong lady💪🏾


Mystrain420 Looking good. If u were gone for a week I assume the gnats are too since the like the moisture from watering. Are u gonna do any lst to bring the lower shoots up?

IggyPunkHi5 Gnats almost gone. Only a couple in there this morning when I sprayed the neem - f*ckers. And yes I am going to learn more about LST to bring those up.

Day: 18


She is not happy! Put her in a better tent with a better light (17in away from the tops) and now her tips are curling up. Seems like light burn. Any tips other than keeping the distance? Will she live? Lol

5 years ago

Cindy Umm. It’s a weed but she doesn’t look well. Curling up can be caused by overwatering, humidity issues or temperature issues from what I read? I google a lot and this was specific to leaves curling. https://www.growweedeasy.com/serrated-edges-curling-up

Cindy Check what the light manufacturers say about how close light should be. Only ones I put at 18 or less are the CFLs and shop lights. Could simply be she’s getting too hot from light.

IggyPunkHi5 I read the same link too. I backed the lights off, she’s in the 6hr dark cycle. I’m gong to leave the curling leaves and see what happens. She doesn’t need water - soil is still damp

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Day: 15


She’s getting tall!! At now 11 inches in height. I’m having gnat issues tho!!! Using ACV w/ soap in a bowl in the tent and wiped the outer edges of the pot with sesame oil. Soil is fairly dry.. it’s just humid and warm here in the south with lots of rain. Should I take any cuttings off the bottom part of her stalk? Also have some tips curling upwards. I think she got a little too much water. Letting her dry out.

5 years ago

Cindy Looking healthy! :)

Cindy Gnats. No idea - ladybugs? Check out this for leaves? https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-what-causes-curly-cannabis-leaves-and-how-to-cure-them-n923

IggyPunkHi5 Thanks Cindy, I checked out that link. I know what I need to do regarding the curling tips. I think it’s a combo of being overwatered and having the lights too close. So we’ll see how she bounces back. No lady bug issues at all.

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Day: 7

She’s starting to show some good growth! Beginning to shape her up some by bending and pulling on some of the bigger leaves and main stem to start to form the canopy. I’m thinking soon the big leaf on the left might make a good clone #1 off this plant as I pull the main stem that direction.

5 years ago

Cindy … I don’t think about cloning until they are bigger... hell, I throw away toppings sometimes because I have too many clones. 😆 ..but I like your idea of using it to create growth direction how you want.

Day: 5


Transplant has gone well, and has been given first nutes. I effed up my light cycle but seems to be doing okay. Still at 18/6. Right now she’s on 24hr blue light only to correct the 24hr dark I messed up. She’s grown 2 inches.

5 years ago


Mystrain420 She’s looking nice. Are u gonna lst to bring that lower growth up or u gonna let her grow naturally?

Cindy Beautiful baby! ❤️ Can see she’s loved

Day: 3

New home. Hope she likes it. Ha

5 years ago

Day: 0

Plant is 3 inches tall. Still in original grow medium until rooting takes place. No water or nutrients right now. Beginning an 18/6 light cycle off 10pm to 4am. Need to get a small fan to pump air into and a thermometer to check temperature

5 years ago

Cindy Make sure your thermometer has the humidity reading as well… That’s wicked important for flowering… (rot/mildew potential) And you’ll get major stretch if your humidity is too high in the room. She’s looking good! Critical is one of my slower growing strains. My clone from a month ago is still rooting...

Cindy Based on size...and growth, Id say she’s ready to be transplanted now. She’s bigger than her pot! Looks great!

IggyPunkHi5 Thanks for the info Cindy! Yes I put the Thermo w/humidity reader in the box. I’m going to give her another week to root (she was snipped over memorial weekend from a friends grow)

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