Walter Green

Walter Green

Radical Russian

April 2023

Go Russia GO

Royal Qeen Seed’s Royal Runtz AUTOMATIC

Day 27 (Week 4)


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Day: 27

Yeah maan

a day ago

Day: 26

Get stronger and stronger

2 days ago

Day: 25

Interested how it will taste

3 days ago

Day: 24

Fixed him

4 days ago

Day: 23


5 days ago

Day: 22

Yau Yau Yau

6 days ago


MrStopPlayin She’s blowin up bro 💪🏿💪🏿❤️‍🔥‼️

Walter Green

Walter Green Yes, I’m so excited I just smoke runtz from a friend and it’s awesome

Day: 21

Bla bla blyat

7 days ago

Day: 20


8 days ago

Day: 19


8 days ago


gypsygrowgoddess You terminated your lil duckfeet?

Walter Green

Walter Green Of course not ☝🏼still alive 😮‍💨


gypsygrowgoddess Oh good! 👍

Day: 18

Walking dad

10 days ago

Day: 17

Big dreamz !

11 days ago

Day: 16

Terminator Style !!!

12 days ago


phriedphoenix Needs more light

Day: 15

One arm left over no problem for the great radical Russian on the left corner

13 days ago

Day: 14

The normal way, no joke still radical RADICAL RUSSIAN RAAAA

15 days ago

Day: 13


16 days ago

Day: 12

Damned by LST I destroy one leaf 🥲

17 days ago


Vinchi Too early to lst imo growmie. Just my 2 cents🤙🏾 happy growing

Day: 11

Big Pot for everyone !!!

18 days ago

Day: 10

Looks tiny but goes deep

19 days ago

Day: 10


19 days ago

Day: 9

New pot new plant size

20 days ago

Day: 8

No comment

21 days ago

Day: 7

Ok ni chuja

21 days ago

Day: 6

I think the radical Russian play with wrong cards

21 days ago

Day: 5

Picture can say more than 1000 words

24 days ago

Day: 4

Radical Russian go‘s farther the radical way

25 days ago

Day: 3

Stay radical

a month ago

Day: 2

Nothing can hold the radical Russian against Batman 🚀💥

a month ago

Day: 1

The Name is program ! Radical start 🛫 with little help from me the tiny comes finally out the capsule

a month ago