Hulk berry, first photo grow

Royal queen seeds

Germinating in paper towel, will go into a rooting sponge, then in bio bizz soil and nutes, 9-10weeks when put into flower

Hulkberry (#3-brucebanner) royal queen seeds

Day 96 (Week 14)

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Day: 96

50cm, lovely bushy plant took my moving house and leaving her underwatered very well putting her into flower, thinking about topping shortly. Plenty of bio buzz grow and water now

5 years ago

Day: 94

She’s a beauty, healthy bushy plant despite me having to leave for two weeks at a time. Finally moved house and this is a temporary set up but will put into flower now

5 years ago

Day: 65

13 inches tall, had to go away for ten days without water again cos I’m moving house but will give a good prune after the move and hopefully she will be ok and I can put her in flower

5 years ago

Day: 50

10inches tall, switching to bloom settings now on 12/12 schedule to flower, bit early but I have to move suddenly don’t even know if I can take her with me. Had to go away for ten days so gave her plenty of water and set the lights on a timer she seems have survived ok

5 years ago

Day: 30

On 18/6 light schedule watering daily, only 6 inches tall

5 years ago

Day: 27

Doing well I think maybe a bit under watered

5 years ago

Day: 23

Needs repotting ASAP, doing very well need to clear space in my grow room

5 years ago

Day: 18

Looking good will repot soon as I have room

5 years ago

Day: 12

Repotted yesterday

5 years ago

Day: 10

Looking well, will pot up tomorrow

5 years ago

Day: 2

My little hulk, in a rooting cube and bio bizz sprouted in no time looking forward to her grow

5 years ago