Man on The Moon III: MBAP

Grow 3: Spring 2021

MBAP Autoflower 1.5x1.5’ DIY Cabinet 1G autopot MotherEarth Coco perlite Nutrients: Megacrop Si CalMag Raw Yucca Light: HLG 65W 4000k

Mephisto - ManBearAlienPig

Day 118 (Week 17)

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Day: 118

2 week hang dry before trim. Ended with 94.6g

3 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Chuncky 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾


mahaizze0731 Do you dry with the whole plant hanging? Looks fire

CaptainRex Added a picture of them hanging, just cut them based on colas/grow sites

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Day: 100


Finally chopped, probably 25% amber and some parts could have gone for longer. There was definitely some foxtailjng/re-veg near the end but this thing was so easy to grow that I almost lost interest. Looking forward to dry trim, curing, weigh in and of course the smoke, although smoking other weed than Cannacheese has all but lost interest for me! Another one down.

3 years ago

Day: 81

30 days since last update captures about how much attention I’ve given this MBAP and it is doing extremely well. Had a few long weekends away in between, and realistically it’s come out stronger from the auto watering days. These buds are extremely heavy at this point, heavier than any of my other grows, and fattening up still. Not intent on changing anything, been moving towards 1800-1900EC ranges, and pruning once in awhile. Hopefully it finishes soon but rushing is a good way to waste 80 days of patience!

3 years ago

Day: 50

Can’t believe it’s already day 50. Looking extremely healthy, continuing to LST, but obviously running out of real estate. Starting to frost up, but I’m nervous for how much it’s going to grow during early flower. Still getting good airflow, will start to defoliate a bit as the buds come in. Huge shoutout to MegaCrop bc it’s been far more reliable than the liquid nutrients I’ve used before. also, the Silicon I think has made it hardier as well, have had no issues even during some unfortunate fluctuations in temp/humidity. Could be all confirmation bias though, since Mephisto just has great genetics too.

3 years ago

Day: 38

Was gone for 2 weeks and the auto watering came through after some lessons learned in previous grows! We’ll say the Silicon is making it more resilient but I’ve also changed to MegaCrop this grow, which must be performing brilliantly. I’ve noticed the same pests as last grow, which suggests to me they’re in my soil bag. I don’t think they’re harming the plant at this time but I’ll put the yellow traps to keep them from coming upwards if they mature into something more damaging. By far the healthiest grow I’ve had to this point, already Day 38! 1 month remaining likely

3 years ago


IGrowHowIGrow Pests only live in moist environments... try watering less often and I bet they leave on their own... soil does come with gnats and eggs sometimes but if you use DE it will definitely handle them.

Day: 16

Tuesday Blues Growth is strong currently, but it appears to have lost some of its vigor. Previously it stood erect and proud and now it’s been sort of floppy and not responsive. The plant is doing good though. Fed for a second time yesterday, forreal trying to diagnose some of this droopiness. I’m almost certain it’s not overwatering as I didn’t water for a week. Could be underwatering, but it hasn’t responded enthusiastically after 24 hours. We’ll keep an eye out. Stay green pony boy.

3 years ago


Queenfox Could be overwatering


Queenfox Was she completely dry before watering again? 

Day: 8

Bulking Season Now many trainers would see the sun coming out after a long winter and program in a slow and steady cut to bring out peaking bis and deep valleyed tris. Here we do thing different, with no intention of peaking til summer under max efficiency. Today was the first feed for this girl using MegaCrop! Keeping relatively closer track of numbers here since it’s new to me and trying feeding by weight instead of liquid volume. Also initially adding CalMag although MegaCrop would have you believe it’s not necessary even in Coco. We’ll see how it goes! Note volume is just amount mixed, not fed, just feed til runoff as with any other grow. You may run differently, but in early stages of growth (seedling - 2 weeks) I will not be feeding every day even in coco, as it will still be pulling most nutrients from the cotyledons and sensitive roots will still be establishing themselves. Excited to see the ease of use of MegaCrop and the benefits of Si when I eventually mess up and put this girl through hardships. Happy Spring!

3 years ago

Day: 3

Houston, this is AstroWorld - we have lift off!

3 years ago