60/40% Indica Sativa

Sprouted 6/13 using FFOf and GH trio nutes


Day 96 (Week 14)


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Day: 96

Ph 6.6

6 days ago

Day: 90


12 days ago

Day: 86

6.4Ph 1027PPM 2185EC 10ML micro gro bloom calmag

16 days ago

Day: 82

Lollipop and defoliation

20 days ago

Day: 64

Need to start feeding

a month ago

Day: 58

Fixed lst

a month ago

Day: 51

6.7 ph

2 months ago

Day: 47

Fixed LsT

2 months ago

Day: 40

Fixed LST

2 months ago

msbaker19 Why do you tie it down


skiiimannn Stretch it out for more tops, creates more spacing. Help maximize the yield, if I was to take the lst off those 4 tops closer to middle of pot then I’d have 4 main tops, I can stretch them out to reach end of pot and if you check my biscotti mints journal i can have a row of tops on each branch just like that

msbaker19 Wow interesting

Day: 38

Sprayed foop mist

2 months ago

Day: 36

Started lst soil still wet from last water

2 months ago

Day: 32

Transplanted into 3 gallons

2 months ago

Day: 27

6.6PH do some maintenance maybe transplant tomorrow

2 months ago

Day: 21

6.6 ph

3 months ago

Day: 17

Fixed lst

3 months ago

Day: 9


3 months ago

Day: 4

6.3PH 958PPM 2038EC 5ML micro gro and bloom 3ML

3 months ago

Day: 0

Looking nice

3 months ago