Purple Kush

2nd grow

Three purple kush plants, growing in Fox Farm Ocean forest, 400 w HSP, Closet Grow

Purple Kush Bx feminized

Day 152 (Week 22)

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Day: 152

Hair’s aren’t orange yet, trichomes are clear. Watering and feeding bloom as needed.

3 years ago


chronicvibes Nice work

Day: 101

Moved the girls over to 12:12, they are at the end of their first week in flower and feeling good. I lollipopped one quite aggressively, but it was necessary for deciding which would be my main Colas.

3 years ago

Day: 89


Had to eject a male plant, unfortunate but necessary. Humans should consider the same. Continued watering, switched to ph balanced tap water. Biweekly feeding, water as needed, they’re consuming about a gallon a week.

3 years ago

Day: 74

Continued training, defoliating and feeding Fox Farm’s Grow Big every other watering. I have positively identified one as female getting excited to start the flower cycle in a few weeks!

3 years ago

Day: 52

Still watering with a half gallon of rain water once a week and aggressively flattening the plants to spread them out. This has produced a total of 19 tops. I am seriously beginning to consider buying nutes and feeding them. they are hardy and filling up the pots, they may like an extra boost.

3 years ago

Day: 38

A week of extreme growth and training! These plants have spent the week staked down with the stems exposed to the light resulting in the growth of three new branches stretching towards 6, 3 and 9! The two largest plants were super cropped on top to divert energy to the new growth sites. The tops will each grow another 2 bud sites, so it’s a gain long term. I have very selectively defoliated a few oversized fan leaves. Today I will water them each with a half gallon of rain water and being integrated pest control with mint oil on the soil.

3 years ago

Day: 30

I was dissatisfied with the growth rate this week so I did a few things. - conservatively top dressed each with 2 table spoons of Foxfarm’s American pride 9-6-6, and watered it in with 16 oz of rain water. -lowered the light to 2 ft from the canopy -began a training system: Each plant is tied to the handle at 12 o’clock, exposing the bald stem to the light. This will promote branch growth extending towards the other handle positioned at 6 o’clock. Branches will be systematically tied down at 3 and 9 and so forth. This system *should* result in 12 SOLID tops per plant if I can pull it off!

3 years ago

Day: 24

Transplanted to final pots today, 5 gallon fabric pots. I supplemented the soil with Miracle Grow perlite. It’s fortified with NPK but only less that 1 percent of the total bag was ferts, i consider it negligible. I watered them in with 48 oz of rain water. The light is 2.25 ft from the canopy.

3 years ago

Day: 23

I learned about light leaks and realized these translucent milk jugs probably aren’t the best for root growth... I’ve temporarily remedied this with hats :) However, i was able to see that the roots are very well developed and they are just about ready for new pots. The soil was finally dry two inches down so I watered each with 8 oz of rain water. At this point I am still aiming to under water until I can get some perlite- Fox Farm soil is going great- but the peat content makes me nervous considering Purple Kush’s chronic root rot issues I don’t get a paycheck from my big new job for 4 weeks so I need to figure out a free and more intelligent pot solution than milk jugs.

3 years ago

Day: 21

I have only turned the lights on and off since my last update, the organic soil I’ve used has held moisture almost too well, I am hyper-aware of Purple Kush’s issue with root rot, I’m concerned that Two of my plants appear stunted- but maybe it’s the phenotype. I am letting them grow, letting the soil completely dry out and repotting next week.

3 years ago

Day: 13

Moved to new pots today, milk jugs with big drainage holes and fresh loose foxfarm ocean forest soil are all I can afford for now. Pigeon 420’s current “grow with me” started in 16 oz solo cups while I started in 12 oz party cups. He repotted on day 18- tho with my smaller cups and VERY well developed root systems I figured it was time. I watered each plant in with 16oz of rain water, I plant to avoid using nutrients until the veg stage, and water sparingly for the next two weeks of growth.

3 years ago

Day: 8

Top watered them throughly yesterday. I’ve decided the soil is much more dense than I like. These indica are prone to root rot. I will add perlite to the mix when I repot. Still figuring out my options for nute regiments. The height growth has been explosive, im not sure if these are stretching. I will seek advice.

3 years ago

Day: 5

Three little sprouts popped yesterday, with the third “Artemis” is the runt, I’ll leave her in the bag for another day. I will be keeping the top soil moist and a fan circulating the air. They are currently ~3ft away from my 400w HPS light, with an additional LED bulb for a boost of blue light. My last plant was stunted due to poor light quality, I don’t want to take any chances!

3 years ago

Day: 0

I planted Three Purple Kush feminized seeds into fresh Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and top watered with spring water through a spray bottle. They are 1 foot below led bulbs by night, and 3 feet below a 400w hps by day. I will spray them with spring water everyday until they sprout as suggested by Pigeon 420

3 years ago