Peyote Critical

Peyote Purple X Critical Kush


80% Indica

Day 97 (Week 14)

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Day: 97


She gets cut tomorrow!! ✂️

5 years ago

Mystery-BUDS Which color she gets? Mine got pure purple and green with full sugar

Day: 92


5 years ago

Day: 90

Dense snow nuggs!!

5 years ago

Day: 84

Most difficult strain I’ve came across so far, already curious to what the finish product will smoke like.

5 years ago

Hrose2383 Looks great! Good job😁😁

Ckutz Thanks 🙏🏻 the trichome production on this strain is unreal! Should be potent as fuck!

Hrose2383 Can’t wait to see the progress 😁😁

Day: 78

Dusty as fuck already! Can’t wait to see the turn out.

5 years ago

Hrose2383 I like how Frosty it looks already, great job!

Day: 74

Dusty delicious looking flowers

5 years ago

Day: 66

Bud sites appearing

5 years ago

Day: 62


5 years ago

Day: 53

Flower 12/12

5 years ago

Day: 45

Transplant tomorrow

5 years ago

Day: 42

Next week flower, looking healthy as fuck.

5 years ago

Day: 40

Thinking about keeping this one in veg a little longer than usual

5 years ago

Day: 38

Transplanted Today!

5 years ago

Day: 29

I’ll keep her in veg for a few more weeks

5 years ago

Growbig What are you feeding and what oh are you setting your water too?

Ckutz Honestly, I just buy 4L jugs of Distilled water and haven’t had an issue. I have multiple PH meters and realized that distilled water is always the same PH so I just run with that.

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Day: 27

Just letting her do her thang!

5 years ago

Day: 24

1st Transplant

5 years ago

Day: 17

Started feeding grow A+B

5 years ago

Day: 13

Next water is when it gets it’s first feeding of a little Grow A+B

5 years ago

Growbig Hey my plants are about the same size as yours and we are on the same timing just about I need help my username is Growbig and if you have time I’m just curious if you can look at my profile and see what you think about the questions I have that are in subtitle

Ckutz You won’t be able to tell the sex of your plants until pre-flower from my understanding. I wouldn’t risk a grow with an unknown seed personally. I would stick to straight feminized seed so you know it’s a guarantee.

Growbig Yeah I understand this is my first time and can’t technically get or find seeds to trust to buy beside within the packages I get

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Day: 11


5 years ago

genghis_quan Looking 👍

Day: 5

Needs some cal mag lol

5 years ago

Day: 3

She’s alive!!

5 years ago

Day: 2


5 years ago

Day: 0

Root started

5 years ago