First grow

Low budget grow

Lighting- King Plus 1000w full spectrum w/ IR and UV Side Lighting- 2x LED 18” blurple bar lights Tent- DIY 2x4 veg. LA Garden 4x4 flower Nutes- Homemade Veg. 6 2 4 at 1/4 strength Flower 3 8 4 at 1/4 strength Top dressing- Fish Feces Amendments- CalMag Water- RO PHed to 6.5 Media- mix of organic soil (no time release nutes) and perlite 2:1 soil/perlite ratio Pots- Seedling stage-solo cup w/ holes Veg. Stage-1g plastic Flower Stage-3g fabric Humidifier- cold air humidifier No carbon filter Exhaust fan (DIY) Air Circulation Veg.- clip on fan for inside Flower- standing oscillating fan Humidity and temp monitor (exoterra) Exoterra temp. Spot temp. Temp- Day 80 Night 75 Humidity- 45% - 65%

5x Trainwreck 1x Blueberry Kush

Day 26 (Week 4)

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Day: 26

Lookin good. Temp high 79F low 72F Humidity high 73% low 66% Watered today Added Great White @ 5ml/g and watered with 5oz each today.

3 years ago

Cannysnake Looks great man!

Day: 25


Looking good Temp high 78F low 70F Humidity 60% low 75% high No water

3 years ago

Cannysnake Looking great!

Day: 24

Still going lol. Any tips hints positive feedback more than welcome.

3 years ago

Polly Looking good so far.

Day: 23


Lookin a lot better. Put a little less light on them and removed the shade cloth. Stabilized the temp and humidity. Girls are almost back to normal alrdy.

3 years ago

FTGrower Ordered some great white today. Be here Monday. Gonna try it out. Anyone got any feed back on it

Day: 22


Girls are looking a lot better now. No water today. Temp. High 80 low 74 Humidity high 70% low 55% Leaves are going back to normal very fast. Leaves are standing back up nice and perky. Looks like a did the right thing. Shade is still in place. Might remove in the next couple days if they keep rebounding this fast. So happy 😁 Might not slow my grow as much as I thought.

3 years ago

Day: 21


Ok peeps. I think my girls are all doctored up now. Only time will tell. I overwatered. I transplanted to bigger pots. Removed all of the old soil I could without any roots breaking. Add fresh new soil. Put my lights 36 inches away. Added a shade cloth while they are recovering. Didn’t see any visible root rot at all. No more water till they are almost completely dried out. No nutes till then either. This is gonna slow my grow by a couple weeks but atleast I will save them from the reaper. Ty to all those that gave feedback on how to fix them. To be honest I think they are looking better already. I am going to leave them shaded and no water till almost completely dried out. Tyvm again to those that helped me out.

3 years ago

Cannysnake Thats great! Good luck

Day: 20

Temp 83 Humidity 51% Lights are 24/7 Seem to be turning a lighter shade of green. Nitrogen deficiency? Nute lockout? Water PH is at 6.2 run off is 6.8 Only dosed with nutes 1/4 strength once at 14 days I think. Going to transplant to 1g pots today. Starting nutes today also. Unless you guys think I should wait on transplant and nutes. Root have reached the bottom of the cups. Lmk what you think and what you would do.

3 years ago

FTGrower Alright guys and gals. I replanted the girls in new pots. In 1 gallon pots now. As I was replanting I looked at the roots. All of them look great. Nice and white no discoloring. I definitelyover watered tho. The bottom soil was pretty soggy. I removed as much of the soil as I could without disturbing the roots or atleast as little as I possible could. It took me almost an hour to replant. So when I say I took my time making sure not to disturb the root I mean it lol. I’ll post up some pics in a sec. one of the plants has some brown spots on it. I’ll try to get a close up of it for you all. Could really use some help here. Tyvm Temp 81 F day 75 night Humidity high 65 low 45 Nutes 6 2 4 given on day 14 No nutes since

Day: 19

Two are still droopy. No water for three days now. Seems to be coming back up just slowly. Temp 82 Humidity 56

3 years ago

Day: 18

Still looking a little droopy. No water for 2 days now Temp 81* F Humidity 50%

3 years ago

Cannysnake Try lowering the temp, goodluck!

FTGrower Think I should take it to about 75 day temp? And 70 night?

Day: 17

Lookin better. No water today. Pretty sure I over watered day before yesterday. Leaves are starting to perk back up. No nutes today. Lowered temp from 85 day 75 night To 80 day 70 night Temp today 81 Humidity 56% Any and all advice welcome.

3 years ago

Day: 16


Lookin good so far. No water today. Temp 86 Humidity 50 % Tryin to get humidity up. Any tips? Have a cold air humidifier inside tent. What’s a good humidity? I been shooting for about 65% but am struggling to keep it there. Any tips very welcome.

3 years ago

FTGrower Leaves are kinda droopy. To much water maybe? Comment and lmk what ya think. Light is a king plus 1000w full spectrum w/ uv and IR about 18 inches from plants. Water - PHed rain water to 6.5 Humidity varies from 47-68 % Temp 75*F night 85*F day


NickYo Definitely to much water. It is better to under water rather then over water due to root rot. You plants will bounce back much quicker from under watering. I would wait maybe 2 days before watering again.

FTGrower Ok awesome tyvm for the feedback. I was thinking to much water. Thank you. I’ll cut back on the water some more.

Day: 15


Lookin good girls. Temp 85 Humidity 58 Not water today.

3 years ago

Day: 14

Small one struggling. Temp 85f Humidity 32 (refilled humidifier) now 65 Watered with 1/4 nutes today. Looking good. Still using diy tent.

3 years ago

Day: 13

Looking good. Watered this morning Temp 80 Humidity 65 I will be upgrading my grow area now Picked up a LA Gardens grow tent. A Mars led light and a 1000w King Pro led w/IR and UV light for only $100 for all three!!!! Tyvm to canny for his tip on where to get a tent 👍

3 years ago

Day: 12

Lookin good so far. Comments welcome Temp 79.8f Humidity 67% TrainWreck and 1x Blueberry Kush

3 years ago

Day: 11

Looking good. One is a bit small. Seeds that popped last. Watered all today. All except small one lookin great. Slight yellow on rounded leaf on smallest.

3 years ago

Cannysnake My small one seems like its doing terrible

FTGrower Post up some pics. How often you watering?

Day: 10

Doing good so far.

3 years ago

Day: 9

Lookin good so far. 5x sour diesel 1x Blueberry Kush (center) No nutes yet No water today 79 temp 68 humidity Tips/hints/suggestions welcome.

3 years ago

Day: 8


Lookin good so far No water today soil still moist No nutes yet first day of week 2 DIY tent setup What ya guys think? Running 4x cfl from 4am-10pm 2x led grow lights (bulb type) from 11 am-4pm Lights off from 10pm-4am All help very appreciated. Thinking about starting 1/4 strength nutes this week? Temp and humidity ok? Think I need higher on both not sure tho.

3 years ago

FTGrower Need to make a better drip tray. Just used some old black bubble wrap doubles up to make a square tray to catch any loose dirt/water/whatever. Think I’ll just try to find a 4 inch deep plastic tote or something like that. Any ideas leave them in a comment.

Day: 7

5x TrainWreck 1x Blueberry Kush (center) Low budget Lookin good. Put in red solo cup poked bunch of holes in cup Watered today with rain water collected in a clean bucket No nutes yet 2x $6 Walmart grow lights now 8 hours real sun 16 hours of led

3 years ago

Cannysnake Thats crazy because i do the same thing with the lights sometimes, ill take turns with the led for the 6 hours of night, one night dark, other led

Cannysnake Wxept i do 18 hours cfl

FTGrower Lol awesome. The Blueberry Kush (middle plant) is growing a bit slower. Hope it takes off soon. It’s the one I want most lol. Pic was a bit blurry this time be better after that one lol.

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Day: 6

Low budget No nutes yet $6 Walmart growlight No water yet

3 years ago

Cannysnake Try getting some more dirt for more room for the root to go down and burying your plant down deeper so it grows faster

FTGrower Yup. I kept in starters till roots started to come out. Then buried to about half inch below oval leaves. In a solo cup now.

Day: 5

Low budget grow 5x TrainWreck 1x Blueberry Kush One seed didn’t make it 😢 No nutes Cheap led grow light from Walmart with 8 hrs sun Still not watered since putting in starter pod All lookin good.

3 years ago

Day: 4

6 x TrainWreck 1x Blueberry Kush Time to go into starters Put starter blocks in water for 2 hours No nutes Cheap Walmart growlight cost $6

3 years ago

Day: 3

Low budget. 6 x TrainWreck 1x blueberry Nice tails sprouting. 1 not sprouting yet. Center one Blueberry Kush. In paper towel. Dampened paper towel No water since Places in ziplock No heat house temp 74 Dark room no light

3 years ago

Day: 1

Low budget grow

3 years ago

Day: 0

Started in paper towels

3 years ago

FTGrower Any construction comments are welcome.

FTGrower Simple grow. Seeds- from a friend Nutes- homemade organic Water- Rain water ph to 5.4 Lighting: Veg- diy led 5k Flower- 400 watt hps