Wedding cake SCROG

Winter 2020-21

Three wedding cake and Jack Herer will start in 2x2 with Mars hydro ts600. Wedding cake will go to 2x4 with spider farmer sp2000 for scrog and jack Herer will stay to flower in 2x2

Wedding cake x3 , Jack Herer x1

Day 100 (Week 15)

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Day: 100

Frosty 🥶 . two weeks left then flush

2 years ago

kjj grow

kjj grow What size tent and lights are you using plant look beautiful

chefk They’re in 3gal pots with a 200w led (spider farmer sp2000)

Day: 95

Moving on over to the late bloom recipe. The frost and smell are really showing at this point. Light was moved up slightly and I traded out the under canopy fan to one that oscillates. Ppm are at 650 now due to the MOAB bloom booster added as well as a higher dose of the floralicous plus

2 years ago

Day: 89

Coming up on week 5 and environment is still on point. Going to bump up to 600 ppm and really try and push the girls these last three weeks

2 years ago

Day: 83

Second net added. Number one is definitely the better of the daughters. Nice having the nets because they allow me to still keep the canopy even. Pics before and after the light defoliation. Mid bloom recipe today

2 years ago

Day: 75

Growing long and strong. Seeing some burn on the tips at 650 ppm. Going to drop it down since it’s so cold and their growth is slowed. Maybe around 550

2 years ago


lawson999 650 ppm of what? I was going by a feeding scedule that was very minimal around that also for nitrogen for veg. Only bout 150 ppm calmag for the whole run with other additives. Ended up with 2 nitrogen toxicity plants through bad drainage and the others had a deficiency and had to add about full dosage 7 ml (7000pm) and fed 10 liters per plant coco grow to fix the ones with a deficiency and they got fixed turnes from yellow to nice and green

chefk Using GH flora, it was like 66F with lights on a couple days. I don’t think they were motivated to uptake nutrients. Last couple days have warmed up and they’ve cleared up

Day: 70

Growing through the net. They’re chilly but working hard

2 years ago

Day: 56

Flipped to flower today and Switched to transition nutes. Net filling out nicely. Giving 600ml 2x/day. Will start auto watering tomorrow and add a third feeding

2 years ago

Day: 51

Still weaving through the net. One week till flip

2 years ago

Day: 49

Wedding cake moved to 4x2 tent and first layer of scrog down. These girls have went through hell since birth and are just now starting to find their stride which is why they’re small for almost 8wks old. Got my hydro halos and new auto watering system and reservoir. Will go to flower in about a week

2 years ago

Day: 48

Time for a LST for the Jack Herer. Her training is coming along nicely. I’m going to experiment with flowering her in my 2x2x3 tent so my canopy must be completely even and flat. I have a total of 24 bud sites exactly even on each side so I will to the final top today when I trim and try to be into flower within the week. She will stay in 1gal pot throughout flower

2 years ago

Day: 34

These ladies are just about ready to head into the late veg/flower tent. I saw some signs of Nute burn so i flushed with florakleen and backed down to 1/4 strength and they look better. Runoff numbers look good. They’re being fed 2/day, sometimes once. The one Jack Herer is clearly towering over the other3 wedding cake

2 years ago

Day: 27

Topped about 5 days ago. They’re recovering from under-watering and ph issues due to old tester drops unfortunately , but I see a lot of improvement and bushy growth now. Ph 5.0 70F 60%RH. watered with 6.3 PH nutrients today

2 years ago

Day: 19

Have to keep reminding myself to leave them alone, “don’t drown the roots, don’t drown the roots, don’t drown the roots”. Finally recovering from over saturation and looking better. I’ve been feeding each 100ml/2days of 1/2 dose nutrient water and keeping humidity at 55-60%. Temps are around 77F light 16” away

2 years ago

Day: 15

Moved the little seedlings to a different tent so these girls have more room to breathe. Added a humidifier with a humidistat keeping it at a cool 55%. Temp is about 75F. They only want water every other day right now. Any more and they droop light is about 20” away and on 19/5. Nutrients are mild 1/2 strength. I’ve been giving 30ml of water every 2 days

2 years ago

Day: 11

Transplanted into 1 gal today. They took the transplant very well. I think transplanting before night cycle is the way to go. Being extra cautious this time not to water to much in this stage. Only 60ml of nutrient water once per day. Goal is to be able to feed twice/day for extra fast growth. WC#3 is looking a little mangled because he was a little late to open its leaves and they got deformed. I think it’s 3rd set appears to be normal. Light is 19/5 and 16” away. Temp is 80 in tent and RH of 50-55%

2 years ago

Day: 8

Looking a little water logged I’m going to let them all dry out for a couple days

2 years ago

Day: 4

Added humidifier today. It’s been trending in the 30-40% want it closer to 50-60. Fed with water last night. Still 24-0 light

2 years ago

Day: 2


2 years ago

Day: 0

Fed with 400ppm, light 28” away, 24/0, 71F 45% RH

2 years ago