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Day 87 (Week 13)

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Day: 87

3 1/2 weeks of 12/12

4 years ago

Dukeshaba Looking nice

Day: 68

Let me first start by saying don’t judge a book by the cover they may look like they are dead but they just waiting on a feeding I want to show a close-up of the pistols developing and I have all eight females. As far as the way I like to feed them I like to see them Droop before I give them more 💦.

5 years ago

Bassman654 I started doing that when one if my plants died of root rot. They bounce back within minutes. Within an hour it looks like nothing happend.🤙🏾

Mongogrows Last picture is a after picture

Dukeshaba I never let mine get that dry. I have with house plants and they bounce back quick too. They look great bro, and all women is great

Day: 60

We are on 12-12. Now . The problem I was talking about in the last picture turned out not to be as bad as I thought I do still have some leaves that are curled or clawing but . I flushed it with water pH . Now we are back on regular feeding getting ready for the stretch

5 years ago

rbuck They look fantastic. Good luck!

Day: 54

Running into bit of a problem I’ve been paying close attention and I see that my leaves are starting to claw a bit we’re doing research I think that I have a Nitrogen problem. Hoping I can correct it within the next week before going into flower will be giving them straight water pH test for the next 2 to 3 feedings to try to flush them

5 years ago

rbuck Looks like you have potting soil in your mix? I added 1/3 of a fox farm amended soil to my grow this time and have had a nutrient issue or two as well. Rather than going to straight water, limit how much NPK you add. That’s what’s already in your soil. But the plants still need cal-mag, micronutrients (sulphur, manganese, etc), enzymes, etc. I went to no NPK or 50% NPK until the plants had a few weeks to get through the nutrients in the potting soil. Your tips clawing is very minor. Don’t over correct and give yourself new problems.

Mongogrows I’m running Fox Farm ocean for us as well. Thanks for the pointers I will monitor them closely for the next week to see if they’re ready to proceed to flower and you’re right I definitely was about to over react and probably fuck up more👍🏽

rbuck Lol they look great right now. Don’t fuck em up!!

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Day: 50

10 more days before I flip them to 1212

5 years ago

Day: 45


Not sure what to do with them two weeks before they go to a 12 12Cycle. Don’t worry about some of the leaves are drooping they are due for a feeding today tomorrow morning

5 years ago

Tres4_growsloud Nice , they’ve really bushed out 👍🏾 you can start cleaning up under their skirts a bit, removing leaves from the bottom of the plant that aren’t getting enough light and create a better air flow under the canopy’s,also you don’t want to many leave laying on top of each other👌🏽

Mongogrows I trimmed them but they bounce back so fast it doesn’t even look like I trimmed them at all.

Mongogrows They also have been under a better lighting system for the last week and a half

Day: 34

These ladies are looking very happy

5 years ago

Dukeshaba Yea they are

Day: 33

Girls are all settled in and looking good I got my new light up SP 2000 will be getting another one next month also we will be looking into getting (ro) So I don’t have to keep spending money on water

5 years ago

Mongogrows I am loving the way I can look at my plants and see their true color

Dukeshaba I wouldve went with a hlg 550 v2 r

Day: 31

All are in their final resting parts another 30 days I will flip if they are looking good enough going to work on low stress training once the second tops start comingBut all in all I think they’re looking good for 31 days

5 years ago

Day: 30

So I ran out of soil all i was able to do was five pots . another shipment of soil will be here on Thursday will have to water them before then they are very hungry in them small pots . the five plants look to be settling in with no real shock at this moment. New light tomorrow. Can’t wait ! If you’re looking at the picture the one in the front left in a small pot is drooping Pot is very dry well feed before lights go out .

5 years ago

Dukeshaba What kind of light do you have coming?

Day: 29

Waiting on my fabric pots to get here so I can transplant they are definitely ready don’t mind the orange bucket that’s my girls vine plant Also I have a new light coming so I’ll be able to have a veg and a flower tent hopefully. It will be going in the 4 x 4 Tent . (Sf2000) and I will be moving some of the lights out of the 4 x 4 to the 3x3 then I will start a few good seeds . Also I gave them a little bit of water just to make it until my pots get here don’t want them to be too wet when I transplant

5 years ago

Mongogrows White widow skunk, big birds, AK 47 ,silver white haze ,wedding cake and regular seeds

Day: 27

Decided to top six out of the eight plants

5 years ago

Day: 25

All Plants seem to be Thriving very well. I will be topping all but one this Week. at that time I will do update pictures on before topping and after topping.I wouldn’t give them a week after that to recuperate and then they will be going into 3 gallon fabric pots ocean forest fox farms Soil.

5 years ago

Day: 19

Did a group picture didn’t feel like doing it individual will do individual on the next feeding looks like in another two days.

5 years ago

Tres4_growsloud Yo what’s up you good?

Tres4_growsloud The Alerts alerts don’t work, so if you don’t comment on your or my most recent post I don’t see it 👍🏾

Day: 0



5 years ago

Dukeshaba That’s nice man

Mongogrows Thanks man I spent a lot of money building the shit and setting it up to do something I enjoy

Mongogrows Sorry I meant to say shed .

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