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Spring 2023

Starting with 4 seeds in an AC Infinity 4x4 tent kit. Plan to use LST and no other training like topping. Exciting!!!

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Day 8 (Week 2)


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Day: 8


The fourth seedling is looking like it’s about to open up. I haven’t watered them since transplant 4 days ago. Checked the soil with my finger and it’s sticky moist past 1/4 of an inch. I may have overwatered them and stunted growth a bit. Temps have been in the high 70s during the day and dipping as low as 65 during the night. I’ve put down a bowl of water and have been soaking the towel on a fan to keep humidity around 60%. One of the cotyledons is a bit discolored, I don’t know if it’s from the seed shell or something else.

a year ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz The pot weight test will let you know when to water lift the pot after you water to be able to tell when it gets light then you can water also the cotyledons turn yellow when they’re oxygen deprived mostly hope this helps happy growing nonetheless 👊😎

Day: 7

A second seedling stood up!! Just two to go :) The weather is getting warmer so the temp has come up to 78 F today, hopefully it’ll stay warm in the nighttime. The humidity dropped to 60%, though. I haven’t watered since I transplanted them, how often should I water them? I read every 2-3 days searching on the internet.

a year ago


SM0K3Y the best way is to look at the medium and see if it’s dry by sticking your finger, if you get a lot of dirt on your finger don’t water it yet it’s worse to over water than under watering

GanjaLadyGrower Got it, thank you, SM0K3Y!

Day: 5


Transplanted the seedlings from that tough soil to potting soil with perlite. I had a tough time penetrating that soil with my fingers being careful not to damage the seedlings, so I can understand how tough it must be to really spread roots in it. The one that made it out first had a solid 2 inches of root deep. I’m rooting for the strong fella/lady. (I don’t believe these are feminized seeds) Thank you so much for your feedback organic_grower and IG @stick_e_fingerz!!

a year ago


The_Holy_Grail_Kush Try not to water so much, you only need a tiny bit around the base of the stem, the roots won’t grow through soaking wet soil. 👊🏼🌱

GanjaLadyGrower Aaa, got it, thank you THGK.


organic_grower These pots are much better to start out with 👍 If you planning on using that soil in the big pots I suggest adding some pearlite in the mix.

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Day: 4

First seedling appears

a year ago


organic_grower Be careful over watering that type of soil doesn't look like you have any perlite in there allowing oxygen for the roots. You should transplant in to different soil and smaller pots and then upgrade to bigger pots once you have well-established roots. Just trying to save you own problems in the future. Good luck and questions fire away. there's some people on here that have great knowledge about growing. 👊

GanjaLadyGrower That’s a great tip, @organic_grower! Do you think it’s too late now or can I transfer them to smaller containers with different soil that contains perlite?

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Day: 3


Planted 4 germinated seeds. 1 in each pot. Filled eat pot with a layer of soil, then horse manure, followed by more soil on top. The layer of soil at the bottom is to soak up the nutrients from the manure layer as I water the plants. The reason for the soil on top is to delay nutrients until later as the seedling takes root.

a year ago


organic_grower Is the manure composted?

GanjaLadyGrower Yes, the manure is composted, not fresh.