2nd run grow (head stash)

Later winter (feb)2021

Just planted on dirt yesterday after germination

Honey cream, washing machine,lemon haze auto,runtz

Day 92 (Week 14)

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Day: 92


Growing good! Still stacking and packing wieght

3 years ago

Day: 90


Plants doing okay besides the washing machine. I think it’s a nitrogen problem but I’m not sure🤔.Anyhow will continue not to feed her but organic nutrients to try to bring her back . All the other plants are okay ✅

3 years ago

Day: 84

Girls doing good still stacking and biding nicely , my washing machine has some type of deficiency but I’ll get it under control! Not to sure what it could be maybe nitrogen deficiency

3 years ago

Day: 68

Plants doing good. Going to do a little defoliation and let them keep growing

3 years ago

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet & Sour Chicken When defoliating are you going to leave the bud sites or cut them as well?


tankydanky Definitely leaving the bud sights and just removing leafs that I feel are blocking lower growth

Day: 49

Coming along nicely.. I accidentally top my auto flower so that’s why she’s super short. To my surprise she’s still growing well see what happens a few weeks from now

3 years ago

trampo If you top at right time it can be beneficial

Day: 37

Plants doing good, did a little lst and just letting the auto flowers get big

3 years ago


cutty Nice

Day: 26

Plants doing great. Just planted a lemon haze auto and gelato Og auto , also getting the runtz tested to see if it’s a female

3 years ago

GrowingFlatBroke How do you test if it’s female?

Day: 14

Plants coming along good. Just planted a runtz regular seed hopefully it’s a female 🤞🏾

3 years ago

Day: 2

Keeping plants under 24 hr blurple veg light

3 years ago