Tangerine Dream - DWC

IL Legal 2020

hydro DWC

Fem Auto - Never bloomed with 18-6

Day 161 (Week 23)

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Day: 161

2lbs. Been curing for a couple weeks. 1lb primo colas and 1lb mids / shake. Not bad for my first grow ever. 1 plant. DWC and spider farmer sf4000 light

3 years ago

Graybird8 So insane!!! I was curious as to what would be the final yield..

Day: 146

Day 62 of flower. This girl is getting chopped TONIGHT. Tricombs are 70ish% cloudy 25% amber. Colas are so heavy I’m surprised the branches haven’t snapped. She’s been flushing for a week with tap water. She smells wonderful. Next post will likely be dried weight ( I’m guessing a LB) Thanks everyone for the positive comments and tips. I’m convinced this has just been beginners luck.

3 years ago

Graybird8 Ahhh 😌 what a special day

Day: 136

at day 52 of flower. Mid week 7. Getting really close. Pistols are still half white, and trics are still mostly clear. Not much amber at all yet. Hopefully 1 or 2 more weeks to flush.

3 years ago

Leolo Beautiful!

Graybird8 Geez... looks bountiful!!

Day: 128

We’re on week 6 of flower. getting close

3 years ago

Day: 120

Day 36 of flower. Got my YOYOs 🪀 they are a big help. Added some homemade c02 with yeast / sugar : water with a 2 liter bottle. Happy 420!

3 years ago

Graybird8 Duuuude I wanna see what’s been happening!! Also.. gotta get you that DWC parts list..

Graybird8 It’s basically 5 gallon buckets, the lids are Rhizocore lids (though you can get the basic ones and they work fine) the hoses/lines are 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch. The connecting parts are T’s, elbows, and straight connectors. Make sure you buy barbed for a good seal. I also added hose clamps to every connection to ensure NO LEAKS. As far as connecting to buckets, you want to pre drill the holes before inserting the rubber grommets (again, buy according to hose size. They are thick rubber pieces that create a water tight seal where lines enter and leave the buckets). Add Shut-off valves wherever you’d like. They not only stop water flow, but can also partially be opened/shut for water pressure/flow control. Water pump to pump water from reservoir to buckets (mine just flow into the bucket from the side near the top, not a direct top feed over the roots. It’s just to mix the water evenly and keep a steady flow through all buckets. This keeps PPM’s the same between all buckets/plants.) Don’t forget a thermo. Super cheap one on amazon does perfect. Air pump, air line manifold (splitter, basically). air lines, air stones (I like the circular puck looking stones, 4” is what I have I think). Reflective insulating tape for the tops of buckets, and reflective insulation for the sides. Don’t buy fiberglass insulation........ it gets everywhere. I took mine back immediately and got the fabric backing insulation. Bubble wrap insulation would work great too! I think the fabric insulation was rated slightly higher though. Hmmm what else.. honestly that’s all the parts. It’s the configuration that is going to be the complicated part, and ultimately up to you. I can try to explain on here what I did, and why, but honestly through email would be easiest, as I can send detailed photos of my configuration. Otherwise check out my first couple entries of my current grow and there are a few decent pics I think.. but feel free to shoot me your email.

Graybird8 Oh, the 1/2 inch lines run from the pump to the top sides of the buckets. Why don’t the buckets overflow? Because the 3/4 in lines run from the BOTTOM of the buckets back to the reservoir where the pump is. As water is pumped in and the water level in the reservoir decreases, gravity does its work and the buckets filling up push water through the bottom lines back to the reservoir. Look up “ebb and flow” Hydroponic setups. It’s basically that. A constant circular flow of water.

Day: 118

Day 34 of flower. Getting heavy! Few branches needed to be tied up. More today are falling over in back. Got YoYos coming in mail. exhaust running 24/7 cause it’s getting dank. Sweet citrus smell. Tried some lower buds the other day. Amazing.

3 years ago

Day: 115

Day 31 of flower. Mid week 4. Smells so citrusy

3 years ago

Day: 111

Flower day 27

3 years ago

Day: 109

I’m so excited for my first harvest. Maybe 5 more weeks or so.

3 years ago

Graybird8 Omg look at how good she’s doing..... what’s your Nute schedule?? Gonna be huge!!

RoomBoss Added nute schedule as photo^

RoomBoss Currently mid bloom

Day: 108

Day 24 of flower. (3.5 weeks)

3 years ago

Day: 105

Super happy

3 years ago

Day: 104

Maybe 5 more weeks to go.

3 years ago

Day: 102

Day 18 of 12-12.

3 years ago

Day: 101

Bigger everyday. Thinking of dropping this 5 gallon into a 10 gallon... could be easy since it’s a bucket in a bucket. Otherwise I’m adding water twice a day.

3 years ago

Day: 98

Starting to flower almost week 2

3 years ago

Graybird8 Looking great!!!

Day: 94

Ok had to switch lights to 12-12. This is day 10 of 12-12. This auto never auto’d. So I’m due for a massive yield I hope by mid May. Basically veg’d for 3 months! Lol

3 years ago

Graybird8 Oh my gosh this is awesome. I believe I have the same issue with my Cheese Candy

Day: 79

Been stretching. Measured about 3-4 inches this week. Thanks graybird for pointing out the purple I’m trying to combat a mag and sulfur deficiency and it’s so obvious now. Hope i can turn budding around. Fluctuating PH between 5.7 and 6.3 so she can get all the right nutrients. ECC is 1.3

3 years ago

Graybird8 Oh that’s awesome, hope that had some correlation!

Day: 77

Flowering slowly I think.

3 years ago

Graybird8 Gosh she is massive!

Graybird8 Look into purple stems and check your plant for streaks of purple in the stalk and limbs. Good sign of Sulfer deficiency. Though, this may be genetic for your plant! It just isn’t for most. Also I believe it’s calcium or magnesium deficiency that can cause the stems of the leaves to purple.

Day: 73

Adjusted my nutrients a bit. Ppms are around 600 for now (city tap water is 180). Just two days after increasing my (K) she’s giving off a really nice smell, calyxes are swelling, she’s back to herself. Not enough nutrients and the light being too close had her stressed. I think She’s back on track! Thanks for the advice peeps.

3 years ago

Day: 71


Not much new growth, buds don’t seem to be doing anything. Signs of deficiency I think. The root mass is extremely dense and fills the bucket. It’s more roots than water, but they are sparkling white and healthy. I don’t know what to do about flowering, don’t really want to change the light cycle.

3 years ago

Graybird8 I would say lacking potassium (K).. i had the same issue. Came up with brown spots on leaves just like that. Look into K deficiencies. Would be safe to read plenty on Phosphorus deficiency too. I don’t see many pistils but it seems that the bud sites are there. It’s got to be a fruiting/flowering nutrient deficiency. But, could be caused by other nute deficiencies, too. I keep my PH at 5.8 but have learned that when it dips below 5.8 I start missing out on the absorption of important flowering nutes. Good charts online of what’s absorbed students what PH levels!

Hydrodro I have found that ppms are better kept low and if the plant is having any problems then drop the ppms a little the optimum solution will stay at a stable ph

RoomBoss Thanks for the tips

Day: 68

Seems to be transitioning.

3 years ago

Day: 64

I heavily defoliate a week ago and it just all came back.

3 years ago

Day: 61

I can’t tel if it’s still flowering or reverting to VEG. It’s an auto on 18-6

3 years ago

Hydrodro What are your ppms at this point? It’s looking good

Graybird8 I agree with Hydro. Looking incredible. This plant looks as if it is heading in a great direction. All those right nodal spaces will soon fill with swelling calyxes!

RoomBoss Thank you for the encouragement. Target PPM is 550-600 just Gave fresh nutrient water and it was at ~577.

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Day: 57

Had lights a little too close. Much happier. Had some signs of calcium deficiency so gave more cal mag with fresh nutrient water yesterday.

3 years ago

Graybird8 What were your indicators for Cal deficiency? Plant is looking great btw

RoomBoss Had same discoloration on leaves. Brown spots. Just a few places

Graybird8 I see. I had the same issue. Few small brown rusty looking spots coming up on lower leaves. Added 1ml cal mag per gallon and the next day I noticed a boost of growth. What has your PH been doing?

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Day: 54

Coming along.

3 years ago

Graybird8 Looking so good. Still on 18/6?

RoomBoss Yes, I switched to 12-12 for a few days till I found out my photo was male. So since this one is auto I went to back 18-6 because I read they like more light, this way I can get two other plants ready into veg while this one flowers. now I’m on day two of blueberry and blue dream as well.

Day: 52

How’s it looking?

3 years ago

Growdad420 Looking good man. I’ve got one going right now with some unknown photoperiods. My tangerine dream is actually probably really close to the same stage as yours because I planted it quite a bit later than the other 2. I had to switch to a 12 12 thought to kick my photos into flower as I don’t have much height to work with atm so I’m hoping it doesn’t hinder it too much

Growdad420 Looks like you did an awesome job with the training though that’s one bushy girl. I’m hoping to do better with mine on my second grow

Day: 50

Back to 18-6 light cycle because my photo ended up being a male. More space available so I dud Some LST to even the canopy and it’s already bounced back. Lots of tops and pistols flourishing.

3 years ago

Day: 49

Some LST

3 years ago

Day: 43

Lots of Pistols

3 years ago

Graybird8 Absolutely love those AC Infinity fans.. how have you liked yours? Functionality? Does it control temps and humidity with minimal margins? I’ve read a lot about them and played around with one at my local supply shop but never actually implemented one!

Graybird8 Plants lookin great and bushy. You low stress training any?

RoomBoss I love the ac infinity fan it’s amazing. The auto features work great. Haven’t done much lst but I’m building a scrog net and that should help. Did a lot of defoliating yesterday also.

Day: 40


This is Anna. Had to flip my lights to flower my photo ( Elsa ) time to get frosty!

3 years ago

Graybird8 Those rooots 😍

Day: 38

Gotta flip my lights to flower my other plant. This auto should do ok. Found First hairs today. 12-12 starts Sunday

3 years ago

Day: 33

New light. They seem to like it.

3 years ago

Graybird8 What light are you using now?

RoomBoss Spider farmer 4000

Graybird8 Very cool

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Day: 31

Going strong in veg no signs of flower keep going!

3 years ago

Graybird8 Looks great!!

Day: 27

Looking good

3 years ago

Day: 25


3 years ago

Day: 22


3 years ago

Graybird8 What do you mean haircut? Just some defoliation or topping? Looking really healthy 👍🏼

RoomBoss Topped and trimmed

Graybird8 Have you used this method with autos before?

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Day: 20

Left for 7 days

3 years ago

Day: 13

Growing nice roots

3 years ago

Day: 9


3 years ago

Day: 7


3 years ago

Day: 6


3 years ago

Day: 5


3 years ago

Day: 3

Merry Christmas

3 years ago

Day: 1

Hi there 🌱

3 years ago