Rock-cube clone

Clone from germinated tarantula seedling

1st clone in rock cube. Immediately doing better than clones in soil. Also noticed immediate decrease when taken out from humidity.

Mandarin Cookie x Peanut Butter Breath

Day 2 (Week 1)

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Day: 2

Clone doing the best so far. Noticed decline when taken out of humidity dome.

3 years ago


shmittyshmat Also, no sign of rooting yet.


Mystrain420 If you’ve never cloned you should research acclimating a clone. It has to gradually adjust to the new environment, also clipping leafs in half helps.


shmittyshmat Thanks for the tip!! We’ve cloned a couple before and they’re doing great. Guess I just got lucky with those girls! We’ve also tried the clipping method... I hadn’t noticed that one doing any better than anyone else so I wasn’t sure what benefits it really had. I’ll look into acclimating clones more though! Thanks again. 😊

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