Gelato Auto & Nothern Lights Auto

Winter 2021

5 gallon fabric pots, Kryptonite soil, RO water

Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights Auto and Gelato Auto from Canuck Seeds

Day 45 (Week 7)

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Day: 45

Growing a bit faster now

3 years ago

Day: 38

Growing sloooow

3 years ago

Day: 27

Growing still

3 years ago

Day: 19


3 years ago

Day: 18

Still growing

3 years ago

Day: 16

Calling this day 1

3 years ago

Dr. GreenThumb

Dr. GreenThumb Where did you order you geloto auto from?

zypher Hey! They had them in stock at my local hydro store but they have them on true North seed bank and I have always had good luck with them and fast shipping


tae_94 Hello I have a question for you?

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Day: 6

Buried too deep 😞

3 years ago

Day: 0

Planted and inoculated with mycorrhiza. Made some humidity domes. 70% RH at 80F

3 years ago