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Purple Haze Auto

Day 73 (Week 11)


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Day: 73


8 months ago

Day: 63


Getting closer

8 months ago

Day: 54


Back from holiday trip

9 months ago

Day: 40


Haven’t updated in a while.

9 months ago

Day: 26

Fed for the first time.

10 months ago

Day: 18

Gone for a week, came back to some great growth. Still just on water

10 months ago

Day: 6

First leaves getting bigger

10 months ago

Reckless mind

Reckless mind Cool! Keep the updates coming ;)

leland123 Nice!! Getting ready to plant my own sprouts, keep the updates rolling

Day: 3

Leaves coming out

10 months ago

Day: 2

Just lost its shell

10 months ago

leland123 Looking to start a decent grow, any tips? I have one going that was half accidental half forgot about, but I’m getting ready to call it

scoobiedoobie7 This is my first grow as well. Just trying to get started and see what works and what doesn’t with this grow.

Day: 0

Germination started from paper towel method, small tap root starting to come out. Planting in soil now

a year ago