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Og kush autoflower from crop king first grow run ever 1x1x4 spider farms grow tent

Og kush auto

Day 180 (Week 26)


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Day: 180

Curing now chopped 11/23 harvest for 2 weeks looking good

a year ago

Day: 89

Lights changed feeding every other day I'm thinking it's time to cut her down sometime this week ? Maybe not ? Any thoughts ? Thank you 🙏

2 years ago

Day: 78

Thoughts ? Def not at peak resin production but getting there

2 years ago

@legacyherb She a beauty

kenlowsmokes Thank you bro frs🙏🤘

Day: 65

Im starting to notice some leaves on the top are starting to turn brownish yellow on the leaf tips is this due to deficiency? Or lights ? Or am I worrying much? I only feed water so it can't be a nutrients ??

2 years ago


Doobie123 What are you feeding your autoflower? I have build a flower and craft blend from build a soil. I’ve also got cover crop germinated to help with nitrogen cycling. I don’t use bottled nutrients either 😎

kenlowsmokes Since she's in a living soil ( perlite base soil worm castings promix and 4-4-4 Gia green ) I've only been giving her water ph'ed at 6.5 -6.7 ( as close to 6.5 or exact as possible ) the only solution I thought maybe 2-3 more teaspoons of Gia green ? Your autos look so awesome bro and with out bottled nutrients even sweeter 😎that's my goal to lol . Would you be able to further explain a crop germination cover ? I'm sure my auto can use some help with nitrogen

Day: 60

She's moving along nicely had the ac off for a few hours however with the fan in there and the in-line duct with carbon filter she still stank up the whole room! I was pretty impressed . I'm starting to notice some discoloration on some leaves are they of any concern. Other then that shes headed for trichome city !!!!

2 years ago

Day: 57

I think she's moving along greatly moved water schedule to every other day and have had no problems yet

2 years ago


SinSemillaWhisperer420 Great work bro !

kenlowsmokes Thanks bro !! I want to start lollipopping soon but I still think it might be a bit early ?


SinSemillaWhisperer420 You don’t have much foliage to lollipop right now. I’d wait bro

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Day: 53

She gets water every 3 days on the 3rd day she has been seeming to enjoy that but I am starting to notice her take up all that water quicker and am unsure if I should increase amount of water or instead of 3 days move to 2 or keep her where I'm at ? Any help is much appreciated thank you 

2 years ago

kenlowsmokes Top soil is dry while bottem of pot is still a little moist

Day: 50

She's moving along greatly still have some more tying down to do she will get watered in a 2 days starting to stink up as well 😎

2 years ago

Day: 47

She got watered yesterday been watering every 3 days and she seems to like it starting to smell really good

2 years ago

Day: 43

I know I need to start cutting some leaves off that are blocking light and taking up nutrients anybody have any thoughts on which ones exactly to trim? thank you kindly

2 years ago


Caliban I would keep the leaves as is for now. They are your solar panels!


SinSemillaWhisperer420 For now keep the leaves. It is too early to defoliate. They aren’t blocking any major bud sites, and u could use all the energy they are creating just like Caliban says: they are your solar panels. When things start to get bushy and are blocking prime bud sites, then u should defoliate.

kenlowsmokes Thank you so much ! This has brought me so much peace

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Day: 38

I know I need to get rid of some leaves soon but I'm not to positive on which ones anybody have any help?

2 years ago

Day: 37

She seems to be doing well really searching for the light been watering every 2-3 days (bottom feeding) anything else I can improve ?? Top soil seems to be cool dry and at the bottom of the pot is still very wet

2 years ago

Day: 32

Lights have been lifted higher and wattage increased my question is on the LST am I doing it correctly ?

2 years ago

kenlowsmokes Should I tie or down further ? Or use more ties ? Will cause to much stress ?


ig:@eaegifts Look up the grower on here named Luvs2grow the way he trains his autos is a great guide, he gets good side branches with solid results


DeniGrowHouse Bend that bitch over lol definitely nerve wracking the 1st time you do it but they bounce back. I usually tie a support around the main branch then bend that over til bout 90 degrees and tie it

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Day: 31

Seems to be looking healthy any thoughts ?

2 years ago


ig:@eaegifts Looks good, I’d start lst though

kenlowsmokes Thank you 🙏that was my main question


HeritageSecretGarden Nice looking good 👍

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Day: 30

Today is day 3 since her last watering she is still Moist so I'm not is should water or not but. The curling leaves have corrected them selves after moving her a little bit further away from the fan and I re ph'ed my water and oh was to basic!! But she's growing pistals 😎

2 years ago

Day: 27

Curling leaves and serrated edges anybody have any thoughts?

2 years ago


groomian03 These look perfect. Just watch your watering. Weed also just has serrated edges, and the curling in the middle is something u just see on plants, leaves aren’t perfect. At least you know you are paying attention to the plant. Keep it up

kenlowsmokes Thank you so much ! In a case where your not sure if to water or not would you go Ahead and water or let her dry out completely before watering ? She was suppose to drink water today but the soil still seems moist and am stuck there as well !

Loud House

Loud House I learn something everyday as well 💪🏿

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Day: 24

She's getting bushier and bigger everyday looking to LST when fourth node is finished any thoughts ?

2 years ago

Day: 16

I want to start bottom feeding to promote growth but I'm not sure how early is too early open to all advice thank you

2 years ago


OrganicDaGrower Def not now to early . Lol that soil looks good enough .

kenlowsmokes Hell yeah thank you ! I'll start that with the next feed and thank you for the feed back on the soil as well. Should I be feeding the same amount or more ?


OrganicDaGrower I personally don’t feed mines anything but tea the first month then after that I start to add nutes 2 times a week with my water, they’ll grow fast af

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Day: 10

Looking healthy have a small fan giving her consist movement she seems to be getting stronger everyday

2 years ago

Day: 1

She sprouted!!

2 years ago