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I lost my first three grows to mildew and they all made it to harvest just to maximize the waste. The first had been curing for three weeks and the second one was drying on day five when I discovered it with a microscope. The trichomes on the third looked good when I hung it in the tent to dry. The next morning the trichomes was already dying out fast. All three in the garbage. I tried planting the forth seed in the reused soil from the first prior to harvesting the second and third. But it became stunted from day two so I threw it out after five days. Those were all Lowryder seeds from High-Supplies.dk. This is my start over first grow with RQS seeds. 11L plastic pot with extra drain holes in the bottom and lots of 0.8mm holes around the sides.

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Day 90 (Week 13)

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Day: 90

Time to end the TragEddy. The entire plant weights 43.8 grams. So maybe 5 grams when trimmed and cured? Didn’t bother with 48 hour darkness. Soil had dried for 4 days.

4 years ago

Day: 84

Given a light flush twice and since the last watering (EC out 0.84) four days ago it has started shooting some white pistils a few places. The EC has bern kept around 1.2 and that has obviosly been too much. The tapwater EC is 0.66 so that doesn’t leave much room for nutrients. PH out was still at 7.0. Unable to lower it by watering with a PH in of 6.1. I’ll give it one much flush in two days, let it dry out and finally kill this retard plant

4 years ago

Day: 77

Not even sure if the buds are swelling or not. Gave the first flush two days ago. EC out from 1.28 down to 1.04 with 4L. PH out stays at 6.9 even though PH in was 6.1. A 24 hour timelapse looks like a snapshot. It is pretty frosty though and smells good. Some purple ish dis coloring on the main stem and some top sugar leaves has a purple tint. Small green leaves are like hiding beneath the yellowed leaves. A couple of leaf tips points straight down and others are curling up, but at a slower rate. I honestly have no idea how the plant is doing.

4 years ago

Day: 70

I’m seeing small healthy green new leaves, the top leaves has stopped drying, curling up and dying. I tried to increase the light back up to 900 PPFD but then a few top leaves started curling up again. I’m using the Korona Plant Light Meter app on App Store and on the website their calculator recommends just 679 PPFD for 18 hours during flower. A DLI of 44. Much lower than basically anywhere on the web that states around 65. But it seems to be correct in this case. Of course there’s so little green leaves to drive photosynthesis that the plant would easier get stressed by more light. It looks like it’s slowly gaining a bit of weight. Gave it a feed yesterday after 5 days since last watering. EC out was 1.21 and PH has stayed at 6.9 even though PH in was 6.2.

4 years ago

Day: 63

Not much improvement from decreasing the lights for a week. Still showing signs of nitrogen toxicity and deficiency at the same time. Have increased back up to 700 PPFD and will go to 800 in a couple of days. Last watering was 5 days ago with 3L plain PH’d water after five days and was still bottom-heavy. PH had increased to 6.9 and EC out at 1.5 and couldn’t lower the PH it with the last 1.5L that I PH’d to 6.2. EC out was 1.0. I’ll wait until tomorrow to water. Temps at 23-24C at day and kept at 20C at night.

4 years ago

Day: 56

Not much has happened the past week. Not until yesterday did I measure the PPFD at the canopy, as I was convinced there wasn’t enough light and no way could be too much. I measured just over 1000 PPFD! Had not expected that! According to an article on the RQS website, and the Korona light meter app website calculator the optimal intensity is around 640 PPFD. I’ve dimmed down the CXB3590 until I got around 600 PPFD. It will be very interesting to watch Eddys response. Could all the problems be the cause of continous light stress? Damn me for not having measured the values from the start. Lesson learned and forced up my a

4 years ago

Day: 49

Growth is so slow that I can’t even tell if it’s growing on a two day timelapse. A few leafs has completely wilted and curled up. Several leaves are doing the same thing where the fingers yellows, dries out and the tips starts curling up and back. A few brown spots but not many. The other leaves is like they’re frozen. No real difference between first light and last light. The serations on the sugar leaves are pointing up. Temps are 23-27C at day and minimum 21C at night. CXB3590 is 63cm at 50% above canopy. LM351c’s are 50cm above. A 3000K CXA2530 and 2x 660nm and 2x 730nm 3W diodes at 500mA is 50-60cm above and turns on for around 40-60min at dusk, afternoon and dawn. Last feed was 3L 4 days ago and it only took a little more than a liter (slow watering with pauses). The first runoff had an EC of 1.5 and PH of 6.7. Last runoff was 1.0 EC in and 1.1 out. PH out 6.5. The top 5cm soil is dry but the pot still feels heavy. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY, EDDY!?

4 years ago

Day: 42

I’m sure I’ve been overwatering it for too long. Should’ve waited two extra days before each watering. It’s still 18cm tall but the newest leaves look healthy although small. First sugar coated leaves has appeared and the flowers are slowly growing. COB at 65cm at 50% plus I’ve added two LM561c strips with 48 diodes in total pointed at an angle. I’ll most likely miss out on 50% or more of potential yield due to stupidity. Hurts when only growing one plant. Another “easy to grow” plant I’m messing up. But as long as mildew doesn’t come along and it survives until post-harvest it’ll still be the first harvest I won’t have to throw out, even if it only ends up with 5 cured grams. Hoping for 10 I guess

4 years ago

Day: 35

Eddy is doing better. It seemed there was a nitrogen deficiency so I’ve increased the Fish Mix dosage. Also the lights were probably too far away at 70cm and dimmed to 40%, cause I thought at first that the lights we’re the cause of the stunting and light green to yellow color leaves. The plant seemed to do better after the increased nitrogen but were still growing slowly. Then I turned the lights up, noticed that it liked it so have gradually lowered the light to 60cm and increased to 55%. Supplementing with UV and two cold white XML2 diodes while I’m building my supplementing lights. It’s much happier now so I’m enjoying that

4 years ago

Day: 28

Ran into nitrogen deficiency and lost a week worth of growth. It’s started growing again. 18cm tall.

4 years ago

Day: 14

12 cm tall. CXB3590 at 40% at 65cm

4 years ago

Day: 8

Light at 70cm starting at 40% increased to 50% 21/3. Plant is 8cm. I’ve got a little wifi camera facing the plant. Makes it easy to keep an eye on it and adjust the lights according to how the plant behaves

4 years ago

Day: 1

Say hello to little Eddy

4 years ago