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Apple tartz ( Apple fritter x Runtz)

Day 106 (Week 16)

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Day: 106


a year ago


lettuce97 looks very similar to my apes in space

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz 🔥🔥🔥🔥👊

Day: 97

Getting excited about this one

a year ago


organic_grower Looks tasty! Good shit man

Day: 94

Hoping for a purple pheno . Not looking promising though

a year ago

Day: 88

Fed Monday the 10th

a year ago

Day: 61


a year ago

Day: 53

Day 4F

a year ago


mass.canna.boss You could really increase yield and flower production if you trim some of those fan leaves back…


Flavorz Some defoliation wouldn’t hurt . Should I go heavy ?


mass.canna.boss Lower 1/3 of your plant

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Day: 46

Thirsty mf

a year ago

Day: 44


a year ago

Day: 39


a year ago

Day: 33

Fed DR earth for first time yesterday

a year ago

Day: 27

Topped 2 days ago

a year ago

Day: 25

Topped last night

a year ago

Day: 23


a year ago

Day: 19

Responding from transplant

a year ago

Day: 15

Transplanted and went decently smooth . Showed good roots

a year ago

Day: 13


a year ago

alawishes86 Throw a little calmag on it 1tsp per gallon of water with your regular nutrient and you’ll be fine

alawishes86 What I’m saying is next time you water add calmag plus whatever else you feed with