Runtz Auto

October 2022

A single plant.


Day 43 (Week 7)


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Day: 43

There actually are pistils now so I guess she’s officially in flower

16 hours ago

Day: 41

Day 41 still no pistils, just been giving her water since feeding

3 days ago

Day: 39

Looking healthy

5 days ago

Day: 36

Gave her a haircut for better light penetration and airflow, also to make her focus on the main colas as well. If ur wondering why only one of the two main colas are tied down, it’s because I snapped the other trying to mainline within like 3 days🤣but she looking healthy asf. Fed her micronutrients, black strap molasses, Mykoz and top dressed her before hand with 2-8-4 bloom since it’s like week 5, I’ll prob feed again in 2 weeks?

8 days ago

Day: 35

Not much change but they lookin aight

9 days ago

Day: 34

Looking good since I stopped burning them again 🤣

10 days ago

Day: 32

Need help diagnosing the issue, this one is doing really well with the better lst; it’s more mainlined/ spaced out.

12 days ago

Day: 31

Got cold again had to throw in a seedling mat and cranked the lights up all the way. Responded nicely to lst but now I kinda have a mess, should I defoliate soon?

13 days ago

Day: 30

It got extremely cold and I didn’t expect it last night and today. Started Lst

14 days ago

Day: 28

Starting lst in da morning.

16 days ago

Day: 26

Hate to keep posting everyday but they’re both kicking ass, I have to be doing this right.

18 days ago

Day: 25

she getting bigger too, the topping worked effectively 😎

19 days ago

Day: 24

Explosive growth😎

20 days ago

Day: 22

15 hours later, I topped her.

22 days ago

Day: 21

Looking better just like the other 😎

23 days ago

Day: 18

Think they’re liking the transplant ‼️

25 days ago

Day: 15

Burned the hell out of them with my lights for 2-3 days lol, but the new growth is nice.

a month ago

Day: 1

A lot of stretching but it won’t we a problem when I put her in the tent.

a month ago