Winter 2022

Build A Soil veg and bloom topdress


Day 66 (Week 10)



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Day: 66


ROwater LKB just to see

2 days ago

Day: 63


Got a little GH bloom feed just to see how she reacts.

6 days ago

Day: 61


Terp tea and ROwater

8 days ago

Day: 57


Bloom Tea

12 days ago

Day: 55


ROwater FishShit.

14 days ago

Day: 51


Cleaned up and flipping to flower with no pot upsize.

18 days ago

Day: 49

1Tbsp 4-4-4

20 days ago

Day: 44

Get a cup MykosWP,Azos,

24 days ago

Day: 42

Veg tea

a month ago

Day: 39

Topped again 2c RO water

a month ago

Day: 37

1c FishShit, Rev RO water

a month ago

Day: 35

1.5c RO water get 2g soon

a month ago

Day: 34

1.5c RO water.

a month ago

Day: 32

Get 1.5c Rev RO water.

a month ago

Day: 28

2c RO Rev fishshit

a month ago


Vgrow This a little different probably got to water a little everyday with this medium.

Day: 24

Topped at the 4th node, 1g pot with Build a Soil3.0

a month ago

Day: 21

Sunshine booster feed

2 months ago

Matzulus How do you get your plants to be so dense? My plants are way too thin and high? Is it different from strain to strain or am I making mistakes?


Vgrow The LED I’m using for seedling and veg is the California Light Works Solar System 550 with the controller so I can adjust the spectrum to have more blue then red to keep from stretching. Blue light promotes short stacking and red promotes stretching. So I got way more blue then red

Matzulus Thank you ;) learned something from you hehe

Day: 19

Get little veg feed

2 months ago

Day: 16

Sunshine booster veg feed

2 months ago

Day: 15

Got about 60ml water with Rapid start cal-mag and little veg feed

2 months ago