Bannana dance

Summer 2022

1 plant, 1000w 3 panel led in soil

Banana dance

Day 46 (Week 7)

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Day: 46

It’s going ok

9 months ago

Day: 36

Might as well call this day 14 but she back on track

10 months ago

Day: 30

After a repot and some better soil she’s back on track

10 months ago


2LC 🚀🚀

Day: 14

How am I doing?

9 months ago

Day: 12

Please help

10 months ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz I remember this game back in the 80s

quebert Can someone please help me

quebert So I’ve dialed back on the water I didn’t water today and I’ll check on it in the morning, also my led light is making the tent 88 degrees is that too hot?

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Day: 6


a year ago


srzzz why yellow bro

quebert Don’t know that’s a good question


srzzz pH is the first one

Day: 5

Going good

a year ago


@eaegifts Hey growmie I seen your current post with all the craziness, if I’m not intruding I’d like to offer some advice and ask some questions to better help you

quebert Awesome


@eaegifts I noticed you using ph perfect, make sure it’s the one for soil. I’ve used the hydro one with the gorilla on the bottle in the past and the ph won’t work in soil. Also check runoff water ph, ph of nutrients can be optimal but if medium ph is off the food still won’t uptake properly

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Day: 4

Bannan dance

a year ago


srzzz change your medium, im sure she couldnt make it

quebert Can I change medium at this point?

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz I remember this video game 😎😎😎👊

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Day: 3

Little one

a year ago

Day: 1

Only one of the 4 that sprouted :(

a year ago