Forgotten Strawberries Mephisto Auto

Spring 2024

Two phenos of Forgotten Strawberries. Plan to plant in build a soil 3.0

Forgotten Strawberries

Day 29 (Week 5)


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Day: 29

Flowers are coming in I believe

5 days ago

Day: 22

More and more fan leaves

13 days ago

Day: 20

Good stuff

14 days ago

Day: 18

Lil slow

16 days ago

Day: 15


Cover crop looking good

20 days ago

Day: 13

Feels slow? But still healthy lookin

22 days ago

Day: 11

Still lookin good

23 days ago

Day: 10

Still growing, just light top soil spray, clover is sprouting

25 days ago

Day: 9

Some nice growth!

a month ago

Day: 6

Watered a lot (had Q) since I didn’t do that before transplant to activate soil, whoops. Still growing! Put down barley layer, and clover crop

a month ago

Day: 4

Showing 2nd leaf signs!

a month ago

Day: 3

Ok so far..

a month ago

Day: 1

Moved to big pots before tap root showed sprinkled with craft blend and bokashi blend

a month ago

Day: 0


a month ago