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Orange spice

Day 30 (Week 5)

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Day: 30

Training like lebron 🤙🤙

a year ago

Day: 29

I turn and rotate all plants everyday/other day. Day they split a gallon of pure water.

a year ago

Day: 26

🕎 and not a 🎄

a year ago

Day: 24

2 lights now 😛you babies have everything you need to strive these next few weeks

a year ago

Day: 22

Went into 5gals today.

a year ago

Day: 20

Fabric pot otw. Topped all. Hoping for more colas and not look like a 🎄

a year ago

Day: 16

We are looking good! Moving homes within the week?

2 years ago

Day: 3

3/4 have broke soil. Looking good

2 years ago

Day: 0

Going into soil

2 years ago