Found seed in bud 😅

Found a little seed in my flower the other day and thought I’d see for funzies if it would germinate and it did so here we go.


Day 4 (Week 1)

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Day: 4

Followed the advice I got on here and repotted today due to how lanky the seedling was and dug it a bit deeper. Also moved to a different window that gets more light.

2 years ago


The_Cannabowlist Do you have a light to put her under? She will continue to grow up like that if she is only getting sunlight through a window.

lizl98 I don’t have any grow lights :/ I’m a newbie grower and tbh I didn’t think this seed was gonna even grow and now that it is Im not sure what to do since last year I grew outdoors when the weather was right. I think ima head to Walmart today and try to find some grow lights and see how it goes


The_Cannabowlist Try your local FB market place, Craigslist first, can sometimes find some steals!

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Day: 3

Looking lanky lol, I think she’s not getting enough light I just have her by my window

2 years ago

Mr.Niceguy There’s somthing you can do that can fix that but you have to be careful doing it. I start by transplanting in a larger pot soil and all and when you do bury it a inch and a half of that stem bury the stem so it won’t fall over in the future. Then get a small desk like fan put it on its slowest speed and put it barley at the plant enough so that it just slightly shake in the wind. Lastly you need more light from above, and it needs to be down closer to the plant that window might not cut it

Mr.Niceguy The plant got lanky because it’s searching for light it needs to be down closer around 18 inches away

Day: 1

After less than 12 hrs of putting in soil

2 years ago