Purple Punch


3 seeds Purple Punch with Mix soil (Kraft Canna) and Indoor full system

Indica Dominant Granddaddy x Larry OG

Day 28 (Week 4)


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Day: 28

Topping, Defoliating, Cloning and Low Stress Training

2 months ago

Day: 25

So much Indica Dominance

2 months ago

Reckless mind

Reckless mind Wow soooooooo beautiful! Could you take a look at mine? My leafs seem to have some darker dots you know what that could be?

Day: 20

More green

3 months ago

Day: 17

Topping with Volcanic Soil

3 months ago

Day: 15

Bigger pot more nutrients and 24h LED

3 months ago

Day: 14

Moving to new pot

3 months ago

Day: 13

Spread wings

3 months ago

Day: 10

2 pairs leave

3 months ago


Reckless Wow beautiful, it’s almost twice bigger than mine haha same amount of days, cool!

Day: 7

The first cotyledon

3 months ago

Day: 4

Moving to tent with CO2 and 24h LED

3 months ago

Day: 2

Seeding process Purple punch Seed Stockers

3 months ago

Day: 1

Purple Punch Room Temperature seeding

3 months ago